“My pain gets in the way of enjoying my life.”

If this rings true for you, you’re not alone. One in 5 Canadians live with chronic pain.1

Fortunately, your Manulife group benefits plan provides professional help for your pain without conflicting with your busy schedule. Meet Phzio.*

Phzio is a virtual physiotherapy service that allows members to get physio treatments from the comfort of their own homes. After the initial assessment, a registered physiotherapist creates a customized treatment plan for the member and supervises them in real-time while the exercises are performed. All appointments are online to promote safe healing at home.

Phzio is included for members with physiotherapy coverage as part of their extended health care plan with Manulife.

Booking – 5 min

Book a virtual session with a registered physiotherapist.

Education + Assessment – 30 min

A therapist will assess your condition and pain points. You will receive a therapeutic exercise routine.

Follow up sessions  – 30 min

Your provider will check in with you to see how you are progressing with your therapy.

Recovery – 3 to 4 sessions

Patients typically experience a 50% reduction in pain.

Manulife plan members with extended health care coverage can book a virtual evaluation session online at phzio.com

To access the Phzio platform, members must have an internet connection and a smartphone, laptop or table with a camera. 

Virtual physiotherapy is like in-person therapy, and sessions are meant to be 1:1 with your virtual physiotherapist.  

Some exercises use body weight. Other exercises may require items such as a yoga ball, foam roller, massage ball, resistance band or yoga strap. You’ll be informed about the equipment(s) you may need after your assessment. 

No. Your personal information is confidential. Your employer will not have access to information that is shared between you and your physiotherapist.

Book your Phzio appointment

Easy and convenient

Access to a physiotherapist without leaving your home.

Personalized support

Tailored exercises just for you, including a full virtual evaluation and plan of care.

Video assessments and treatments in real-time

Private and secure to ensure proper form and techniques. 

Fast and reliable service

Connect with a registered physiotherapist within 24 hours! 

Preferred rates for members

Access is available through the plan member secure site.