Submit a claim with Manulife

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To receive insurance plan benefits – and get reimbursed for eligible expenses covered under your insurance policy – you need to file a claim with us.

We’ve gathered resources from across Manulife Canada – and built this ‘claim centre’ – to help make it easier for you to get started on making a claim for:

  • health and dental medical expenses (e.g., medical equipment, drugs)
  • travel expenses
  • other health claims (e.g., a living benefits claim)
  • a life insurance policy
  • account proceeds (e.g., bank, wealth or mutual funds, etc.)

Where you go on our site – and how you start a claim – depends on the type of claim you need to make, and the kind of insurance you have with us (e.g., through an employer, an affinity group, through our CoverMe® site, as an individual, or through an advisor). So let’s get started.

Submit a claim

Group benefits

Group benefits – Health and dental claims

Sign in to your plan on the website or use our app, Manulife Mobile, to start an online claim.

Group benefits – Travel claims

Submit a travel insurance claim – for emergency travel assistance or trip cancellation insurance – through your employer group plan.

Need help with group benefits claims?

For more information about how to make a claim, visit this dedicated resource page.

CoverMe and Alumni, professional and retail members

This also applies to FollowMeTM and Flexcare® plan holders. Alumni, professional and retail members are sometimes referred to as Affinity customers. Not sure if you're an Affinity customer? Check our Affinity groups listing to find out.

Individual health and dental insurance (SecureServe®) claims

Sign in to your plan on SecureServe and start an online claim.

Individual insurance travel claims

Submit a travel insurance claim – for policies purchased through a travel agent or via CoverMe.

Need help with individual insurance travel claims?

To register and make a claim, follow the steps outlined on this travel claim resource page.

When there is a death

Please use this form to start the discussion and inform us of any accounts or policies a person had with us.

Let us know about a death

When you don’t know where to start, you can notify us about a death using this notification form, and we will take it from there.

Other resources

Frequently asked questions

An insurance claim is a process by which a person (i.e., claimant or policy holder) lets their insurance company know they’re seeking funds (reimbursement, payouts or other remuneration) according to a benefit they understand they’re entitled to receive, under their insurance policy.

The conditions of the policy will have been determined by Manulife at the time the policy originally came into force.

A claimant starts an insurance claim by completing an online digital form or a paper form. The claim is made against an insurance policy they own or one through an organization/employer that provides benefits to them, according to specific terms.

You can claim Manulife benefits through online claims processing, or using a paper claim form if that’s easier. It's important to remember that the claims process may be slightly different depending on the kind of insurance you have, and the customer group to which you belong.

Health claims, dental claims or travel insurance benefits generally involve signing in to your plan, SecureServe web portal, or a travel claim administration tool. With online claims reimbursement, once a claim is reviewed and approved for payout, any funds owed to you get deposited directly into your bank account.

The web page you’re currently visiting (i.e., File a claim with Manulife) includes links to several resources that will help get you on the right path to making a claim. 

Each insurance policy has limits as to how much it will cover in a policy year. Generally, on an annual basis, provided you re-enrol in your insurance when the time comes, those limits reset themselves to the original maximum amount allotted to you on the anniversary of your policy, often January 1st.

If, for example, you have dental benefits for a maximum of $1,000 annually for basic care, provided you continue with the insurance into the next year, the maximum of $1,000 resets on the anniversary date.

Every policy is different so it’s important to ask questions to understand the full extent of your benefits package. Revisiting your plan regularly can help you maximize your benefits, check on claim status and facilitate claims management.

You may file a claim for a dependant so long as they are covered under your policy and are within the age limit prescribed by the policy/certificate.

Most policies in Canada allow for children 18 and under who live with the claimant in the same household to be covered under a family policy. In some cases, if the child continues in post-secondary education, that age restriction increases from 18 to 25.

It’s important to check your policy/certificate and carefully read the details of coverage when you first make your insurance arrangements. That way you can understand any limits, conditions, and/or exclusions that may exist as to coverage under your particular policy for dependants.