Don’t lose your coverage when leaving your job

Keep your coverage going when you change careers.

You’re seeking a new job—or maybe you’ve found one. Perhaps you’re leaving your job to start your own business and become your own boss. Or maybe you’re completely changing careers to start again in a new field. All of these scenarios are a great time to consider how insurance can help.

If you’re an employee, you may have coverage for life, disability and health and dental insurance through your employer’s group benefits, but that coverage is tied to your employer and only available while you’re employed. Which means that if you leave the company, that coverage ends with your employment. Only thing is, your health and wellness expenses don’t stop with your employment, and without coverage, you may be out of pocket for these costs.

Here’s where health and dental insurance comes in. Whether you’re in between jobs or starting your own business, it can provide coverage for your and your family’s health expenses that are not covered by your government health plan. 

Types of coverage to consider

Health and Dental insurance

Whether you require prescription drugs, massages, dental work or hospitalization, your health and dental coverage is probably not something you want to experience a gap in. Going without coverage could lead you to be out-of-pocket for these costs. With a health and dental insurance policy, you can stay protected wherever your career takes you.

Life insurance

Most employee group benefits come with some form of life insurance. But even when a life insurance policy is included in your group benefits, it usually doesn’t cover very much. It might cover once to twice your salary, which in most cases isn’t enough. An individual life insurance policy lets you choose the right amount of coverage so you can be sure you’ll have enough.

Disability insurance

The disability insurance coverage offered through your employee group benefits would end when you leave your job. If you lock in disability coverage on your own, you’ll be covered should anything happen to you that prevents you from earning a living, and receive money that can help you pay bills and pay expenses while out of work due to an illness or accident.

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