Benefits of surrogacy coverage through group benefits plans

Inclusive support for employees

Support for your employees’ family growth goals

Starting or growing a family is often exciting, but it can be a difficult road to navigate when the journey becomes challenging.

Introducing surrogacy and donor coverage

For many, surrogacy is a complicated and expensive process, with costs ranging from $60,000 - $100,0001. Navigating these challenges can be stressful and impact all areas of an employee’s life – at home and at work.

The surrogacy and donor benefit can provide valuable support for employees who need help to start or grow their family by offering coverage for expenses they may incur while pursuing pregnancy through a donor or a gestational carrier.

Personalized support for employees

We have a dedicated team who can help employees with questions about their adoption coverage and the claims process.

Inclusive support for employees

The benefit can also be an essential component of your organization’s full spectrum DEI strategy, helping you attract and retain talent as an employer of choice.


75% said they consider fertility benefits an important part of an inclusive company culture.2


63% expressed a desire for better emotional or mental health resources when experiencing fertility challenges.3


Surrogacy and donor coverage is available as an additional benefit to your plan.

Get started

Speak to your Manulife representative about the options available to add fertility coverage to your plan.


Limited coverage may be available in some provinces/territories or for eligible medical expenses in the form of a tax credit4.

Surrogacy and donor coverage is available on an optional basis and varies by individual benefits plans. It is not standard in Canada.

1 2021 Surrogacy in Canada

2, 32023 Carrot Fertility – a global survey of 5,000 people between the ages of 25 and 40, across the U.S., U.K., Canada, India and Mexico, currently employed, and are either in the planning stages or actively building a family.

4 Medical Expense Tax Credit (METC) for Surrogacy and Other Expenses -