Manulife offers one of the most comprehensive investment platforms for small and mid-sized DB-IO pension plans in Canada. Whether you are looking to offer a balanced fund solution, to build your own package of funds, use one of our industry-leading Asset Allocation funds or offer the innovative Manulife Target De-Risking Funds, Manulife has a solution designed to suit your client’s needs!

Target De-Risking Funds

These funds are designed specifically for defined benefit pension plans with assets of less than $100 million.  Much less expensive than a custom, liability-driven investment solution, they offer an alternative to the traditional 60% equity-40% fixed income balanced fund offered to most pension plan sponsors.

Click the link below to view our most recent Funded Status Barometer, which contains information on how the funded status of the average Canadian defined benefit plan performed over the relevant three-month period.

Asset Allocation Funds

Manulife’s Asset Allocation Funds are ready-made portfolios that invest in a diverse range of asset classes, investment styles, and fund managers with the goal of maximizing expected returns while minimizing volatility for each investor profile. Manulife offers a selection of five actively-managed Asset Allocation Funds, providing plans with a balance of capital growth and preservation consistent with each of Manulife’s five investor profiles (ranging from conservative to aggressive).

Market-based Funds

Manulife offers an investment platform of over 70 market-based funds that represent all major asset classes directed by more than 25 retail and institutional fund managers. In addition, Manulife provides guaranteed interest account options of one, three, and five-year terms.

Real Estate Funds

The Manulife Canadian Real Estate Investment Fund is a unique Canadian product that offers a built-in liquidity feature that most funds in this asset class do not possess.  Real Estate funds are a great portfolio diversifier as the returns historically have not been highly correlated to any other asset class. The Manulife Real Estate Funds team leverages the knowledge and expertise of the highly experienced Manulife Real Estate Division to offer desirable fund solutions.

Ultra Long Fixed Income Fund

The Manulife Asset Management Ultra Long Fixed Income Fund is just one of the funds offered in GRS’s full selection of bond funds of various durations. This fund targets a duration of 21, which is well above DEX universe bonds funds with duration of less than 7.  Duration matching is a key component to help ensure a plan's liabilities are hedged against interest rate risk.