Insurance like you’ve never known it before

Interested in a program that gives you incredible value and motivates you to live healthier, just for having insurance? Here’s how Manulife Vitality works…

Get immediate value

As soon as you complete your Vitality Health ReviewTM, you unlock hundreds of dollars in Manulife Vitality rewards, without even moving a muscle.

Know your health

Your Vitality Health Review also calculates your Vitality AgeTM, a better representation of your true age, based on your personal health choices.

Enjoy the rewards

Earning Vitality PointsTM can be easy, because you can earn them through routine activities you may already be doing. The more points you earn, the more valuable rewards you can enjoy!

Learn your Vitality Age

Complete your Vitality Health Review in the app and you’ll learn your Vitality Age – a measure of your “biological” age based on your health and wellness. Get an idea of how your day-to-day choices impact your overall health. Know where you're starting before you take your first steps towards Manulife Vitality. And you'll get rewarded with 500 Vitality Points for completing the review!

What do members have to say?

We’re here to cheer you on when it comes to saving you money through valuable Manulife Vitality rewards, and helping you live healthier. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some Manulife Vitality members have to say about the program.

Sukhminder V.

Balancing two young children and work was overwhelming for Sukhminder. Now he’s using the Manulife Vitality program to stay accountable to fitness, diet and mental health.

Leslie L.

Fitness is a family affair for Leslie. She's using Manulife Vitality to keep active with her kids.

Rick Z.

Because health is very important in his culture, Rick is using Manulife Vitality to show his children the importance of eating healthy and staying active.

Manulife Vitality for individual insurance customers

When you choose Manulife, you get more than just insurance. With access to Manulife Vitality on eligible life insurance products, you’ll also get rewarded for healthy living. (Learn more about Manulife Vitality with health and dental insurance). There are two ways to access the program’s benefits: Vitality GoTM and Vitality PlusTM.

Manulife Vitality Plus

Manulife Vitality Plus offers the most robust, maximum-value features of the program for customers who want the most rewards possible. It only costs $6 a month to potentially unlock hundreds of dollars in value. Here are the perks of Plus:

  • More value: Every time you increase your Vitality StatusTM (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum), you unlock even more valuable rewards.
  • Control your premiums: You start out with 10% off regular insurance premiums, and higher status levels can earn you even bigger discounts!
  • Apple Watch as low as $0: You can choose an Apple Watch to record your activity and earn monthly payments as low as $0* when you earn enough points each month.
  • Weekly rewards: Achieve weekly points targets to spin the Vitality WheelTM and win rewards.
  • More amazing rewards: Get even more rewards like a discounted gym membership with GoodLife Fitness and discounts with ExpediaTM, plus a free health screening with ExamOne®.

Manulife Vitality Go

You can access the features of Manulife Vitality Go at no cost when you buy one of our eligible insurance products. It provides valuable benefits right when you sign up. Just like with Plus, you can win more rewards by spinning the Vitality Wheel when you achieve weekly targets.

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Manulife Vitality
by the numbers

Members see the amazing value in Manulife Vitality rewards – and that motivates them to make healthy choices.

completed their Vitality Health Review

claim their wearable device

connect a device

Based on program member data as of October 2022.

Download the client guide

Want every juicy little detail about Manulife Vitality?

Download the client guide PDF

Employee benefits that inspire you to live healthier

Get rewarded for living healthier using the Manulife Vitality Group Benefits app. It’s available at no additional cost if your company provides employee benefits through Manulife.

How Manulife Vitality for Group Benefits works

Get rewarded for healthy living!

  • Download the Manulife Vitality GRP Benefits app and link it with your smartphone health app or fitness device (e.g. fitness watch).
  • Complete your Vitality Health Review screening and receive a 15% discount on a pair of Saucony® shoes.
  • Work out throughout the week (Monday to Sunday) to earn points – and when you hit your weekly target, get a chance to win gift cards from companies such as Tim Hortons©, Cineplex© and Hudson’s Bay©.
  • As you earn points, you increase your Vitality StatusTM and get access to additional rewards from GarminTM and ExpediaTM.

Want to learn more?

Manulife Vitality
by the numbers

Members see the amazing value in Manulife Vitality rewards – and that motivates them to make healthy choices.

completed their Vitality Health Review

have moved beyond bronze

linked a device

Program member data as of February 28, 2021.