The Provincial Plan Replacement (PPR) program provides interim coverage for plan members and their dependants residing in Canada who are not covered by their Provincial Health Plan. PPR coverage is intended to mimic coverage that plan members would receive under their provincial health plan.

PPR is also referred to as Government Health Insurance Program (GHIP) Replacement or Provincial Plan duplication. It is also sometimes referred to as Inpatriate coverage.

Each province has guidelines for provincial plan health coverage eligibility. Typically, there is a 3 month waiting period for provincial plan health coverage to come into effect. Coverage duplicates that provided by the plan member’s provincial plan subject to a lifetime maximum. The PPR product requires no medical underwriting and no evidence of insurability requirements. Additionally, there are no pre-existing condition clauses attached to the PPR product.

Initial application:

For initial coverage requests, the full premium must be received along with the application for coverage. If payment is not received with the application, the application will be returned to the plan sponsor and payment will be requested.

For high volume clients who require different payment methods, Manulife Financial may accommodate the request to invoice the client after the application has been processed. The billing exception must be approved before the request for coverage is submitted.

Extension of coverage:

In some situations, plan members and/or their dependants may need to extend their PPR coverage. Members may resubmit an application to Manulife or contact our customer service call centre to request the extension. The request can also be submitted through your local Manulife representative. Premiums for extensions should be sent in advance of the application, or accompany the application for extension.

Special conditions: Plan members who will never receive GHIP (foreign workers)

Plan sponsors may have individuals, typically foreign worker employees, in Canada for indefinite periods of time. These employees may never meet the requirements for GHIP or do not intend to settle in Canada permanently. These employees may require PPR coverage for up to one year or longer. Under these circumstances please contact your local Manulife Financial representative to verify that coverage can be extended beyond the initial 3 month application period. Coverage can typically be extended for up to 36 months with prior approval.