Manulife Vitality

Get insured. Get healthy. Get rewarded.

What is Manulife Vitality?

Imagine getting rewarded just for having an insurance plan and making healthy choices. Well, you don’t have to imagine it – because that’s exactly what Manulife Vitality is!

You get financial protection for your loved ones, while enjoying rewards – from gift cards to discounts to insurance savings. All you have to do is make simple, healthy lifestyle choices that may already be part of your life!

Why should you become a member?

Control your premiums

Individual insurance members with Manulife Vitality Plus™ can save up to 15% on premiums the more they participate in the program.

Earn rewards

Get rewarded for everyday things you do to stay healthy. Earn gift cards, discounts, and savings on wearable devices.*

Improve your health

Manulife Vitality helps you understand your health and motivates you to keep reaching your goals.

Already a member?

Manulife Vitality Individual Insurance members

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* Eligibility for rewards may change over time. Rewards are not guaranteed over the full life of the insurance policy.