Submit your group benefits claims

Find out how to submit your health and dental, disability, or life and critical illness claims. Submitting your claims is fast and easy, whether it’s on our app or online.

Your coverage information

  1. Sign in to the secure site.
  2. Go to the My benefits menu and select one of the available options under Available balances.
  3. To view an overview of your benefits coverage, go to the My benefits menu and select Benefits booklet

To find information and resources about your prescription medications and what’s covered under your group benefits plan

  1. Sign in to the secure site.
  2. Go to the My Benefits menu and select My drug plan.
  3. Search for a drug name to find out your coverage details
  1. Sign in to the secure site.
  2. Go to the My profile menu and select Personal information to update your home address, email address or phone number.
  3. Update your personal information and click Submit.
  1. Sign in to the secure site.
  2. Go to the My profile menu and select Direct Deposit and ECS information to update your banking information.
  3. Update your banking information and click Submit.

Find your banking information from a personal cheque, direct deposit form, or ask your bank.

  1. Sign in to the secure site.
  2. Go to the Forms menu and select Administration forms.
  3. Under Find a form, download the Change of Beneficiary form.
  4. Print and complete the form.
  5. Go to Contact Us and click on Send documents.
  6. Click on Browse… to select a scan or an image of your signed completed form.
  7. Select Beneficiary under File Category.
  8. Click on Send to send the completed form to Manulife.

Your Plan contract number and Member certificate number are the keys to accessing – and updating – your online information. They're two separate numbers, and you always need them both to sign in.*

They're found on your benefits card, the one you received in your welcome kit, sent to you when your benefits began, by email or regular mail (benefits cards are plastic or digital). They’re also written on Claims statements. So keep them close by to make it faster and easier for you to log in and get things done.

*The plan contract number confirms the name of your employer; the member certificate number confirms to us that it’s you.

> Returning visit?

To sign in, go to your Plan member website. Simply enter your numbers in the appropriate fields (top left of the page), plus your password, and click ‘Sign in’. Your individual Group benefits page opens.

> First time signing in?

If this is your first time signing in, you need to join your plan and register (see ‘Get started’ and the ‘Register now’ button on the site). To do that, you also need your Plan contract number and  Member certificate number.

When you register, you’re asked to accept some Terms and Conditions, and set up personal verification questions. From then on, you can sign in anytime 24/7 and use the site info. Note the top of your page and the categories from left to right. Answers to many of your questions are likely there, as well as info on how to get some common tasks done.

This resource provides guidelines to help you operate your digital Group Benefits account. Topics covered include sign in issues, password instructions, personal verification questions, and more. Check out this 'manage your account' service.

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