Guided tour of the plan member site video


On screen: Upbeat music plays in the background and Manulife logo appears on the screen, then disappears after a few seconds. Magnifying lens icon slides on the left side and a “How to find your way around the plan member site” text appears beside the icon.

Voice-over: Welcome to the Manulife Group benefits site. Today, I’m going to show you how easy it is to submit claims, update your personal information, learn about your benefits, and more!

On screen: Icons appear one by one for submit claims, update information, and explore your benefits as the voice over mentions these words. Then, “And more!” text pops out in the middle of the screen at the end of the introduction voice over. The mentioned topics are the things members can do on the Manulife Group benefits plan member site.

Voice-over: Once you’re signed in, your homepage will come up. From here, you can do just about everything you’ll need to do.

On screen: A laptop appears and opens showing the site’s homepage. The homepage includes the Manulife logo on the top left side while the mail icon, language toggle, and logout button on the top right side. It also has various top navigation buttons to go around the site: a welcome text for the member, slider text with icons at the middle, three buttons for submit a claim, my benefits card, and send documents below the slider, and a table to access the summary details of health claims and available balances.

Voice-over: You can submit a claim, get a digital copy of your benefits card, or send us a change of beneficiary form. You’ll also find details of your most recent health and dental claims.

On screen: The laptop slides to the right side of the screen as texts for submit claims, digital benefits card, submit forms, and claims history fade in on the left side. Each text is highlighted one by one along with its corresponding button on the site homepage. For the recent and dental claims voice over, the site’s page will move up showing the full view of claims history in a table format.

Voice-over: For each entry, you’ll see the type of service provided, who it was for, and the status of the claim. Here you’ll see how much the claim was for and how much was covered.

On screen: “Claims history” text goes to the top of the screen as bullet points fade in the left with texts that include type of service, who it was for, status, claimed, and covered. Each bullet is highlighted one by one along with its corresponding row or column on the site’s claims history details.

Voice-over: If you have a question about the claim, you can send us a secure email, here.

On screen: The laptop moves to the center of the screen. A “How can we help you?” window pops out on top of the claim history page where it asks a member about concerns or inquiries regarding claims. It also asks an email address to send the response to.

Voice-over: If you see an exclamation mark beside a claim, it means that we need more information before we can process it. Click on the exclamation mark to find out what’s missing.

On screen: An exclamation mark appears next to a claim name after the “How can we help you?” window disappears. The exclamation point is circled in red to highlight it. It then disappears when the voice over says, “Click on the exclamation mark.”

Voice-over: You can send us the information from here and we’ll take another look at your claim.

On screen: “Send documents” button is highlighted with a red box to mean that this is where the member should click to send information about the claims.

Voice-over: In this section, you can also check your available balances next to the “YOUR CLAIMS” tab.

On screen: The available balance tab is highlighted on the screen and transitions to show the member’s claim information and available balances under the said tab.

Voice-over: If you want to know about your coverage, go to the “My benefits” section. Switch between the tabs to see the different kinds of coverage you have and how much.

On screen: The laptop moves to the right side of the screen as “My benefits” text is shown on the left side and disappears after a few seconds. When the voice over says, “Switch between the tabs”, sections or coverage such as my drug plan, view my benefits card, available balances, benefits summary, and other plan coverage under the “My benefits” tab are highlighted.

Voice-over: Go to “My profile” to update your personal information, banking information, or to change your password.

On screen: The site page will transition to the profile section. The text “My profile section” appears on the left side of the screen with bulleted texts for personal information, banking information, and password. Each bullet point is highlighted one by one along with its corresponding tab on the site.

Voice-over: In the top menu, you’ll find many of the same functions we just covered. But take a closer look at the “Forms” tab. This is where you’ll find digital beneficiary forms or optional life insurance application forms. Fill out the form and send it to us here.

On screen: The laptop becomes bigger and moves to the center of the screen. When the voice over says, “forms tab”, the“Forms” tab is also highlighted. The laptop will then move to the right side of the screen. The Beneficiary form and Life insurance application texts fade in the left side. The content of the site on the laptop screen changes to show the list of forms available. It then transitions to show the “Name your beneficiaries” page with instructions before answering the form. This page is where the member can start filling out the form, save, and send it.

Voice-over: And finally, if your company has a retirement program with Manulife, you’ll find a link to your retirement savings account here.

On Screen: The site on the laptop screen changes to the plan member homepage. Then, the “Group Retirement Solutions” button on the top right part of the homepage is highlighted. It is where the members can go for their retirement savings account. The highlight disappears and the laptop slowly becomes bigger and cut to the Manulife logo.

Voice-over: These are just some of the ways Manulife makes managing your benefits easy and secure.

On screen: Manulife end slate animation plays. The Manulife logo is situated at the center followed by the company trademark disclosure at the bottom part of the screen.