Fostering healthier, more inclusive communities across Canada

Our approach

As part of our impact agenda, we are dedicated to advancing positive, measurable social and environmental change. Through our community investments, we work with organizations to foster healthier, more inclusive communities across our three interconnected strategic focus areas: empower sustained health and well-being; drive inclusive economic opportunity; and accelerate a sustainable future. ​

We focus on removing barriers and empowering people in the communities where Manulife operates. In addition to programmatic funding, we also fund research to support innovative, cutting-edge ideas, to understand, address, and promote sustainable change.  Our strategy prioritizes investments to organizations that:​

  • Share a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, particularly through representative leadership, and targeted programming to historically underserved communities
  • Drive community-centered solutions, working collaboratively across sectors, aimed at innovative and scalable initiatives​
  • Demonstrate a holistic approach to the many aspects of well-being, including mental health, to improve and sustain positive outcomes over the long-term​
  • Utilize data to measure impact with key performance indicators and a commitment to reporting on progress​

Our approach to community investment takes many forms, including direct funding, employee giving and volunteering, which leverage skills-based activities and matching programs.​

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In particular, we focus on organizations, projects and initiatives which:

Empower sustained health & well-being

Making healthier behavior choices easier and more accessible with a specific focus on solutions that promote health by encouraging small, everyday actions to improve how well and long people live.

Drive inclusive economic opportunity

Accelerate upward mobility and contribute to making financial solutions accessible to everyone

Accelerate a sustainable future

Support the transition to a low carbon economy and grow the value of nature-based solutions

Eligibility criteria

Prospective non-profit partners must meet the following criteria to be considered for support:

  • Mission is aligned with our focus areas and community investment strategic approach.
  • Organization is a registered charity or non-profit serving communities in Canada.
  • Donations do NOT benefit an individual or private entity.
  • Organization is NOT operating for a religious purpose, unless providing a secular/social service open to all.
  • Organization is NOT operating for a political purpose.
  • We strive to provide funding to organizations that meet our values. For that reason, we would not provide Community Investment funding to any organization that discriminates based on race, religion, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, veteran or disability status or espouses hate, nor would we support organizations whose stated missions or objectives contravene our values.

As applications are currently by invitation only, we welcome letters of interest at

Employee engagement programs

We offer our people a variety of ways to support the causes they care about. Our programs give employees an opportunity to leverage their skills, contribute their time, and give back to their communities, all while increasing the impact of our community investment.