Drug plan management

Keep your member health plan sustainable

Support employee health while managing costs. Prescription drug coverage is one of the most important features of your benefits plan. As a plan sponsor, you need a drug plan that is sustainable and considers:

  • A population that could have an increasing need for more prescription medication
  • Advancements in medicine and specialty drugs, could mean an ongoing increase in the cost of drugs and treatments

Manage a sustainable drug plan

Gives plan members access to information about their drug plan online

  • Makes it quick and easy to see what’s covered and how much they can save by choosing a lower-cost (often generic) alternative
  • Provides access to prior authorization forms, links to provincial drug programs and a drug library
  • Evaluates Health Canada’s newly approved drugs and newly approved uses guided by the independent, not-for-profit Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health
  • Identifies drugs with the potential to be expensive to your plan and subjects them to rigorous review before considering adding them
  • Negotiates the best possible drug prices with pharmaceutical manufacturers and recommends adherence plans or exclusive distribution arrangements if they can add value
  • Introduces supportive programming to further reinforce the effectiveness of these higher cost drugs
  • Helps you manage costs for specialty drugs, which are expected to account for 42% of total drug spending by plan sponsors by 2020
  • Includes a preferred pharmacy network (not available in Quebec), preferred pricing and case management by registered nurses who can help plan members learn to manage their condition and take steps to stay as healthy as possible
  • Gives plan members the choice of having their specialty drug delivered to their home, clinic or physician’s office

Choose your group benefits plan

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