Manulife’s health and wealth research confirms the strong connection between an employee’s financial wellness, their overall health, and their productivity at work. An employee’s financial wellness can have a significant effect on a company’s bottom line.

Based on the Manulife Financial Wellness Study –2016 Index, only 34% of Canadians say they are financially well. The study also uncovered that 68% of Canadians are stressed by their finances.

With the variety of challenges that businesses face today, employee productivity shouldn’t be one of them. Manulife’s Financial Wellness Assessment can help employees get on the path to financial wellness, which can lead them to being more productive at work. This online resource is available to all group retirement clients.

In as little as five minutes, this online questionnaire measures overall financial wellness and provides plan members with a score and a personalized action plan to help improve their financial situation. The plan is based on their answers and includes informative content with articles, videos and tools on a variety of financial topics. Members can revisit their plan and update it at any time to see how they’re progressing. 

Financial Wellness Assessment

Insight and action

Data gathered is provided through the Financial Wellness Assessment Report*. The report gives aggregate insight into members’ levels of financial wellness and highlights areas that require more attention. The report provides the information your clients need to take action, help their employees address some of their challenges and improve their financial health and overall well-being.

The Financial Wellness Assessment can be accessed on the home page when plan members sign in to their Manulife account.

Talk to your Manulife representative to discover how financially prepared employees can help benefit your clients’ bottom line. 

*The Financial Wellness Report will only be produced for a plan sponsor if a minimum of 25 members have completed the assessment. The report is not available to all clients.

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