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Health insurance

Help protect yourself from regular health and dental costs and the expenses associated with disability, critical illness and long term care.

Life insurance

Whether you want help covering final expenses or building a legacy, you can protect your family or business with term or permanent insurance from Manulife.

Travel insurance

Get help covering your unexpected emergency medical expenses and more wherever you travel with a travel insurance plan from Manulife.

Mortgage protection insurance

Help protect your loved ones, your home and your savings with insurance that covers your mortgage payments in case something happens to you.

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You’ll find easy-to-understand videos that will make you an insurance genius.

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Get started with some tips on insurance and find out how to get it and how to make it work for you.

Be prepared to welcome life's milestones

When you start a family, buy a home, change your career or go through any number of other life milestones, your insurance needs may change, too. We’ll help you understand the solutions available to you at each stage, so you can get your protection in place and focus on enjoying all you’ve worked for.

Starting a family

Whether building a new life with your soul mate or welcoming a child, you want to ensure their well-being and minimize future financial disruption.

Buying a home

Your home will probably be the biggest single purchase you ever make. See how insurance can help protect your house and family against the unexpected.

Changing careers

When you go through a job or career change, it may affect your protection. Find out how to help make sure that you stay covered during that time.

Power of Advice

Take the confusion out of insurance by connecting with an insurance advisor who can provide you with personalized solutions for your unique protection needs.

Help protect what matters most

We help people protect what is important to them. Whether looking to secure your family’s financial future, get coverage for health expenses or for a dream vacation, there is an insurance policy that’s right for you. Catch a glimpse of the full breath of our product offering and see what it can do for you. 

Life insurance

Whether you want help covering final expenses or building a legacy, term or permanent insurance from Manulife can protect your family or business.

Disability insurance

Your most valuable asset isn't your home or your car. It is your ability to earn an income. And disability insurance helps protect just that if an illness or injury prevents you from working.

Critical illness insurance

If you’re diagnosed with a critical illness, focus on recovery with support from Manulife’s critical illness insurance solutions.

Combination insurance

3-in-1 protection with life, disability and critical illness insurance all in one plan.

Health and dental insurance

Help protect yourself and your family from regular and unexpected health and dental costs.

Travel insurance

Help protect your trip with protection against emergency medical costs, trip cancellation/flight interruption and lost or delayed luggage.

Mortgage protection

Help ease the financial strain on your loved ones with coverage that pays your mortgage if something happens to you.

Help ensure your financial security while providing for your loved ones.

Insurance can be complicated. But protecting yourself and your loved ones doesn’t have to be.

That’s why we want to take the mystery out of insurance, so you can learn how it works, how it benefits you and how to get the most out of it.

Explore videos that will make you an insurance genius by explaining the different kinds of insurance in terms you can understand. Discover how insurance — and which kinds of insurance — can help at all the different stages of your life. And finally, find out the many benefits of connecting with an insurance advisor, and how to do it.

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It’s time to get digital with your insurance policy statements

Tired of waiting for your insurance policy statements in the mail? You can now access most of your policy statements and notices faster and easier online. Try it today! 

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