Synergy: It’s a life insurance policy, a disability insurance policy and a critical illness insurance policy all rolled into one easy-to-manage and affordable solution. Synergy’s unique design and special features like Health Service Navigator®, a trusted online and on-call resource for health information and health care navigation and medical second opinion service, offers your clients protection against life’s everyday risks.

With Synergy, your clients can:

  • Address three insurance needs rolled into one easy-to manage, affordable plan
  • Purchase a permanent life insurance plan at age 65 – no medical underwriting required*
  • Stop paying premiums while on claim for a disability
  • Connect to an exclusive health information and support service – anytime, anywhere

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Designed to help middle-income Canadians ages 18 to 50 reduce the financial impact of income loss due to injury, illness and premature death, Synergy may be ideal for:

  • Mortgage and debt protection
  • Supplementing gaps in group disability, critical illness and life insurance coverage
  • Stay-at-home and non-income earning parents and spouses

Clients buy between $100,000 and $500,000 of Synergy. This amount creates a pool of money called their Synergy amount of insurance from which benefits are paid. Whenever a benefit is paid, the available amount of insurance (or pool of money) reduces by that amount.

Clients can benefit from their available pool of money in three ways:

Disability Insurance Policy Critical Illness Insurance Policy Life Insurance Policy
The monthly disability benefit amount is 0.5% of the Synergy amount of insurance.** The covered condition benefit amount is 25% of the Synergy amount of insurance minus any Recovery Benefit paid. The death benefit is 100% of the available amount of insurance.

Customize Synergy with optional riders:

  • Term Insurance Rider – (10 year renewable to age 65)
  • Child Protection Riders (Life and critical illness)

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