An Employee Assistance program is a service or suite of services implemented in the workplace to assist employees and their immediate family in coping with or addressing issues related to the effects of daily living.

It typically offers solution-focused counselling that teaches plan members skills to help them problem solve and become more resilient when faced with adversity. The counselling is delivered through a short-term counselling model (on average 4-6 hours).

EAP’s are an early intervention or preventative solution – they are not intended to replace long-term couselling or the need for residential placement to address serious mental health issues or addictions.

 EAP’s are designed to provide the first line of support for the most common issues including, but not limited to:

  • stress
  • marital/family/separation issues
  • alcohol/drug abuse
  • personal adjustment problems
  • psychological disorders
  • anger management
  • pre-retirement planning
  • aging parents/eldercare concerns
  • sexual harassment
  • conflict resolution
  • gambling addiction
  • bereavement

EAP’s are traditionally thought of as more of a psychological service, however, more recently EAP’s often include services such as nutritional counselling and programs that target improved physical health.

Workplace Advisor

Under the Health for Life® umbrella, Workplace Advisor provides an Employee Assistance Program that is designed to support small business owners. This solution includes access to short-term employee counselling and it provides an effective way for small business owners to help create and maintain a healthy working environment.

Manager Training

Manager Training is an interactive training program that was developed in partnership with Homewood Human Solutions™. The training is designed to provide managers with the knowledge they need to create a ‘psychologically healthy workplace’ and the skills to respond confidently and proactively.


Under the Health for Life® umbrella, Resilience is Manulife’s branded Employee & Family Assistance Program.It offers employees and eligible family members a full range of confidential and professional counselling, self-development, and health management services wherever they live, work, and travel across Canada.

About the service provider

Homewood Human Solutions™ is a recognized leader in the field of employee support, workplace support, and organization support services for over 30 years. The firm provides an Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP), Crisis Management, e-Health, Leadership Development and other services in Canada and around the globe.

The Homewood Human Solutions mission is to provide behavioural health, productivity and performance solutions to ensure greater employee and organizational effectiveness. They have committed their resources to provide our customers with a solid organization aligned and capable of offering services of the highest quality in all parts of Canada.

Homewood Human Solutions™ is Canadian owned and operated, and their network consists of over 1,700 full-time and part-time counsellors.

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