Your workplace culture is key to your organization’s mental wellness. Manager training is an essential piece of your workplace culture and mental health strategy.

The increasing prevalence of mental illness in Canada may challenge the workplace in many ways. If left unmanaged, employers may experience higher costs associated with mental health.

Managers have a key role in the prevention of mental health problems in the workplace by identifying signs and symptoms and encouraging the employee to seek appropriate resources.

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Each mental wellness program is unique. A Manulife representative can help you learn more about the best solutions for your organization and the associated costs, if any.

The Manager Mental Health Training course will help equip your leaders with tools to help improve – and maintain – mental wellness for your employees.

Our Workplace Well-being team provides expertise to help support plan sponsors in creating lasting healthy workplace cultures. Through consultation and targeting the unique health needs of the workforce, this team helps oversee the design, development, and execution of a best practice wellness program. Our practical approach to wellness program development underscores our program goal: to help clients navigate and select a tailored course of action to achieve their objectives.

Facilitated manager mental health training program

The training is designed to provide managers with the knowledge they need to create a 'psychologically healthy workplace' and the skills to respond confidently and proactively when they feel an employee's psychological safety is at risk or they are showing early signs of mental illness.

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training program

MHFA training is a globally recognized certification program developed by the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC). The content is targeted towards those in people leader positions and those who support those people.

Understanding mental health

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Living with mental illness

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