Really? An insurance plan that earns you rewards?

It’s true! What’s better than an insurance plan with points and rewards that help motivate you to achieve a healthier lifestyle?

You can earn Vitality Points™ through walks, workouts, bike rides – anything that gets you active and can be recorded with a wearable device. You can also earn points through meditation, getting a vaccine, dental checkups and online courses. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Clearly, you don’t have to be a triathlete to earn lots of Vitality Points. You can turn those points into rewards like gift cards, discounts on popular brands like HelloFresh, GoodLife Fitness and Expedia™ – and savings on a wearable device.

Take a look at just how easy earning points in your day can be. You’re probably already doing lots of point-earning activities.  

A 30-minute workout is considered a “Standard Workout” and earns you 20 points per day. If you work out for 45 minutes, you earn 30 points per day for an “Advanced Workout.” These workouts contribute to your weekly points target. When you meet your target, you earn a spin* for a chance to win more points or gift cards.

Is there a points maximum?

There is no maximum for total amount of points in the Program, however we have set a maximum of 6,000 points for the Verified Workout category and 1,500 points for the Athletic Events category, with a total of 7,500 for Physical Activity.

You start out at Bronze Status, with 0 points. As you accumulate points, your status will improve:

3,500 points
Silver Status

7,000 points
Gold Status

10,000 points
Platinum Status

By completing your Vitality Health Review™ and adding in some health screenings and vaccinations, you can reach Silver Status pretty quickly! Manulife Vitality Plus™ members get even more rewards when they improve their status by earning points.

Your Vitality Status™ renews at the end of the program year, and you’ll get 10% of the Vitality Points you earned in the previous year as a kickstart bonus!

Just by signing up, you unlock discounts from Garmin, Saucony, Les Mills and more! For specific partner benefits, click on the links below.

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Active rewards and member offers:

Manulife Vitality app

Learn how the mobile app can help you get the most out of the program.

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You can protect your loved ones and have the opportunity to get hundreds of dollars’ worth of rewards and benefits just for having a Manulife insurance plan. That’s the incredible value of Manulife Vitality. We offer two versions – Manulife Vitality Plus™ and Manulife Vitality Go™ – to help you make the most of the program, based on your preference.

It’s easy to get rewarded!

Check out the Manulife Vitality Rewards tool to see how easy it is to earn Vitality Points™ and get rewarded!

Wondering what the difference is between Manulife Vitality Plus and Go? It’s simple:

Manulife Vitality Go: All eligible Manulife life insurance plans automatically come with this version, at no extra cost.

Manulife Vitality Plus: You can upgrade to Plus for just $6 per month, giving you the opportunity to earn hundreds of dollars more in rewards and control the cost of your insurance premiums, up to 15% off.

Manulife Vitality Plus™ and Manulife Vitality Go™ rewards comparison
  Manulife Vitality Plus Manulife Vitality Go
Insurance discounts
Insurance savings* Up to 15% annual premium or cost of insurance discount if you have Family Term with Vitality Plus or Manulife UL with Vitality Plus N/A
Fitness trackers & wearables
Apple Watch From just $01 N/A
Garmin Free Vivofit 4 or 30% off other models 30% off select models
Fitbit Free Fitbit Inspire 3™, or up to 40% off select products.  Up to 40% off select products
Manulife Vitality rewards
Health screening – ExamOne® Free at-home paramedical screening N/A
GoodLife Fitness 25% off individual one-year membership N/A
Les Mills On Demand 30-day free trial & special rates on monthly subscriptions 30-day free trial & special rates on monthly subscriptions
Saucony Up to 60% discount 15% discount
HelloFresh Up to $148 in savings per program year N/A
Gift cards from popular brands Win from active rewards Win from active rewards
Amazon Prime™ One-year membership N/A
Headspace 30-day free trial 30-day free trial
Expedia™ Save up to 50% on two bookings per program year N/A

* There are no premium savings for Manulife Par with Vitality Plus™ based on Vitality Status™. Instead, Manulife Par with Vitality Plus customers have the potential to earn a Vitality dividend each year, based on their Vitality Status™.

The opportunities are all around! In fact, your habits may already be healthier than you think. From regular visits to the doctor and dentist, to choosing the stairs instead of the elevator, every little move you make adds up. And Manulife Vitality helps you keep score and earn rewards.

Each year, you have the chance to earn over 18,000 Vitality Points, and there’s a good chance you already do some point-earning activities as part of your regular routine…without even breaking a sweat!

How many points for that?

Table of point-earning activities
Vitality Points
500 points Vitality Health Review (VHR)
1,000 points Non-smoker declaration
4,500 points Vitality Check™
1,000 points Preventative health checks
700 points Online education
1,040 points Weekly goals check-in
100 points Certification (first-aid and CPR training)
6,000 points Physical activity
1,500 points Athletic events
500 points Meditation (HealthyMind™)
400 points COVID-19 vaccination

+ bonus points with the Vitality Wheel™ and Vitality Squares™*

Vitality Active Rewards

Vitality Active Rewards™ keep you motivated every week with a chance to win more Vitality Points™ and gift cards to your favourite stores! When you meet your weekly targets through Standard or Advanced workouts, you will have a chance to spin the Vitality Wheel. Each spin wins gift cards from popular brands like or more Vitality Points™.**

Here's how it works

Get the app
Every Monday, through the Manulife Vitality app, you receive a new weekly personal Vitality Points goal unique to you and your progress. The goal changes over time to help keep you motivated and on track.

Get active
Over the next seven days, earn points from Standard and Advanced workouts. These points count towards hitting your weekly target.

Once your goal is reached, you can immediately spin the Vitality Wheel to win Vitality Points or gift cards. Every spin is a win!

If you earn enough points each month, you get a chance to play Vitality Squares, a game that also gives you the chance to win points and gift cards.

Earn 20 Vitality points – Standard workout:  Walk 10,000 steps or exercise for 30 minutes with a 60% maximum heart rate.

Earn 30 Vitality points – Advanced workout: Walk 15,000 steps, exercise for 45 minutes with a 60% maximum heart rate, or burn 300 Active Calories tracked through Apple Watch.

Active rewards and member offers:

Manulife Vitality app

Learn how the mobile app can help you get the most out of the program.

Learn more

Yes! A benefits plan that rewards you for being healthy.

It’s true. Manulife Vitality Group Benefits rewards you for getting active. Earn Vitality Points™ by working out, or going for walks, runs or bike rides—anything that can be tracked with a smartphone or wearable device. You also get points for health screenings and flu shots!

When you hit your weekly target, you can win gift cards from companies such as Tim Hortons©, Indigo®, Cineplex® and Hudson’s Bay©.

As you earn points, you increase your Vitality Status™ and get access to additional Manulife Vitality rewards from Garmin™, Saucony®, and Expedia™.

Open your app every Monday. 

Check your personalized weekly physical activity target. From Monday to Sunday, you can earn points toward your weekly target. 

Get active and stay on target!

How do Manulife Vitality Points work?

Workouts earn you points toward your weekly physical activity target.

Earn 20 points

Standard workout: 
Walk 10,000 steps or exercise for 30 minutes with a 60% maximum heart rate.

Earn 30 points

Advanced workout: 
Walk 15,000 steps or exercise for 45 minutes with a 60% maximum heart rate.

Achieve your target for a chance to win active rewards every Sunday!

  • Meet your weekly physical activity target and you’ll get a chance to spin the Vitality Wheel™.
  • Spin the wheel – and instantly earn a gift card or Vitality Coins™.
  • When you win Vitality Coins from a Wheel Spin, you can earn anywhere from 50 to 300 Coins per spin. You can exchange 2,000 Coins for a gift card from one of our retailers.

By earning Vitality Points, you’ll increase your Vitality Status™ level. You’ll get a shiny new digital medal to show your health success.

And don’t forget the rewards. Higher Vitality Status levels earn you more gift cards and discounts on hotel stays or Garmin wearable devices.

†Attention Quebec residents: When you hit your weekly goal, you will get 250 Vitality Coins deposited into your Reward Tracker (without a wheel spin). Once you reach 1,000 Coins, you will earn a gift card from one of our retailers – and your Reward Tracker will be reset to 0 Coins.

Active rewards and member offers:

Manulife Vitality app

Learn how the mobile app can help you get the most out of the program.

Learn more

Sign into your Group Benefits account and sign up for Vitality