Save on Garmin watches

As a Manulife Vitality member, you get access to Garmin products at exclusive member prices.

How it works

Once enrolled as a Manulife Vitality member you can:
  • Select and receive a free Garmin Vivofit 4, valued at $99, or
  • Upgrade to a multisport or smartwatch with 30% off. Now that’s a deal!

Whether you already live an active lifestyle or are just getting started, Garmin has the right gear to help you move more each day, and collect Vitality Points™. Their cutting-edge smartwatches and fitness trackers feature superior battery life, water-friendly designs, built-in sports apps and much more. With Manulife Vitality, you get exclusive savings on their watches!

Garmin devices offer many benefits, including:

Superior battery life:

With our superior battery life, you get more accurate and thorough health and fitness data — day and night — without waiting around for a charge.

Wearables fit for your lifestyle:

From fitness trackers to GPS smartwatches with built-in sports apps, taking steps toward a more active lifestyle starts right here.


Venu SQ

Vivofit 4