Help your plan members be ready to return to work sooner

Managing your employees’ absences at an early stage is a key factor in preventing long-term disability, minimizing disruption to your company and controlling related costs, while also supporting your plan members in their recovery. Assessing your employees’ abilities and creating return-to-work plans with targeted interventions within the first few weeks of an absence can make a significant difference—you could help bring your employees back to work sooner and healthier.

As a leader in workplace absence and disability management, Manulife helps businesses of all sizes understand how their employees’ physical and mental health can affect productivity. Our flexible, prevention-based solutions address your employees’ unique situations to support their recovery so they can continue to contribute to your company’s success.


Disability management solutions

Stay-at-Work Services

Support for mental illnesses

Support services

  • Absence Management Consultation Services
  • Workplace injury management and services

Plan features

Support mental health

Improve organizational health and reduce disability claims. Proactively foster a psychologically safe workplace to minimize the incidence of mental health issues—the number one reason plan members go on disability leave*—with a range of best-in-class tools and resources

Access the expertise of our first-in-Canada, national team of mental health professionals who advise our internal support teams

*Source: Sairenen, S., Mantzanke, D., Smeall, D. “The business case: Collaborating to help employees maintain their mental well-being.” (2011).

Disability management solutions

Support better outcomes for your plan members and your business:

  • Support your plan members with Short-Term Disability, Long-Term Disability and specialized solutions for executives
  • Help your plan members return to work as quickly and safely as possible, supported by our skilled, experienced and dedicated in-house disability experts

Available services

Absence Management Consultation Services

Help minimize the length of time a plan member is away from work due to illness and injury:

  • Connect your plan members with Case Managers who step in early and strategically to ensure a safe and smooth transition back to work
  • Identify and address medical and non-medical barriers for the plan member
  • Give managers and plan members the support they need to make reintegration to the workplace successful

Full access to Stay-at-Work Services

Recognizing the value of prevention and early intervention, our industry-leading Stay-at-Work Services are now available as part of all Short-Term Disability and Long-Term Disability plans, and Absence Management Consultation Services

This suite of à la carte, specialized, prevention-focused services can help better address your employees’ unique health needs with the goal to prevent short-term disability, or support timely and safe return-to-work when disability occurs

Workplace injuries management and services

Minimize the impact to both the plan member who is injured and your business:

  • Meet and comply with your provincial workers’ compensation board requirements and manage costs with comprehensive analysis, reporting and program management services
  • Support plan members with effective case management, accommodation and rehabilitation
  • Customize your solution by choosing a complete, integrated solution or investing in individual services that best meet your needs

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