If you are familiar with disability insurance, you already know that it’s a must for your working clients. But for some occupations, it can be difficult to qualify, quite costly and getting coverage can be a lengthy process. And what about your clients that aren’t working?

Personal Accident Disability Insurance is a portfolio of guaranteed renewable products that help you ‘build’ accident and sickness protection coverage best suited for your client’s individual needs.


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Broker Support:

Phone: 1 877 654-2757

Email: am_brokersupport@manulife.com

Select your preferred method of delivery for completed applications:

By fax:

For expedited application processing, fax this completed application and any additional documents for Personal Accident Disability Insurance and Cash Hospital to: 1-800-521-2396. 

Note: please submit hard copies of all faxed applications to the address above for storage retention purposes.

By Regular Mail:
P.O. Box 670 
Stn Waterloo 
Waterloo, ON
N2J 4B8

By Courier:
500 King Street
Consumer Markets New Business
Delivery Station 500-GB
Waterloo, ON
N2J 4C6

Note: If you are contracted through a Managing General Agency or National Account Firm, please forward your application to their office.