Get your Vitality Check™ with ExamOne™

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Your exclusive Manulife Vitality Plus offer

How it works

As a Manulife Vitality Plus member, you receive one complimentary paramedical exam from ExamOne® once per program year. Based on your results, you can earn up to 4500 Vitality Points™.

  1. Book an appointment using the Manulife Vitality online member booking system.
  2. ExamOne will send your results to Manulife Vitality automatically.
  3. Earn 500 Vitality Points for your test, and additional points for each result which is within range:
    1. 1000 points for BMI
    2. 1000 points for blood pressure
    3. 1000 points for glucose
    4. 1000 points for BhA1c Total/LCL cholesterol

About ExamOne

Manulife Vitality has partnered with ExamOne to bring you a free screening test to help you know more about your overall health, and potential health risks. The ExamOne and Manulife Vitality partnership offers a fast and convenient paramedical exam experience at your house – no need to go to the doctors.

About Vitality Checks

A Vitality Check is a biometric assessment that helps identify which areas of your health are strongest and which may need some work, as well as your risk for any potential health problems like diabetes or heart disease. It includes physical measurements to check your blood pressure and body mass index (BMI) and a blood draw to determine your blood glucose levels and total cholesterol.

ExamOne benefits

Easy scheduling

Use the Manulife Vitality online booking system to schedule an appointment date and time that works for you.


Once booked, an ExamOne nurse will complete your Vitality Check in the comfort of your own home!

Online results

Get your results quickly and easily online.

Prepare for your Vitality Check

How to prepare for your paramedical exam.

COVID-19 precautions

ExamOne has implemented rigorous safety procedures to protect you and our employees during the health crisis.

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Obtain your results

How to obtain your laboratory results.