Access your personal insurance policy details anytime, anywhere!

Many life insurance, critical illness or disability insurance policyholders now have access to review and update their insurance policy details online at any time 24/7. To do so, you must have a Manulife ID, the secure identifier that you create and helps to ensure your personal information remains secure.

To set up a Manulife ID, please click on the corresponding link below. Or, if you already have a Manulife ID, simply sign in.

We’re working diligently to provide all policyholders access to their information online. Most policies are already eligible for online access. However, the following policies are not yet accessible online:

  • corporately owned policies (i.e., those with a business name listed as the owner)
  • Standard Life policies

If your policy is from Standard Life or corporately owned, please reach out to our Customer Contact Centre at 1-888-626-8543 or by  email to obtain or update your policy information.

Note that if your insurance policy is part of an employee benefits program, you’ll need to connect with your employer to obtain or update your policy information. That’s because our secure site includes insurance policies purchased outside any group benefits program.

Accessing the secure site requires you to connect your insurance policy to your Manulife ID. That’s a separate step (from creating your Manulife ID).

Learn how to connect the policy to your Manulife ID with support from this personal insurance Manulife ID help page. There you’ll find troubleshooting tips and tricks, and answers to frequently asked questions.

With an online account, your insurance policy details are available 24/7. You can make changes to policy details when it's convenient for you. Tasks you can undertake at your convenience include:

  • Reviewing your insurance policy details
  • Downloading statements and notices
  • Updating mailing and/or email addresses
  • Updating bank information
  • Setting document preferences to “go paperless”

A Manulife ID makes signing in to your Manulife account(s) easier. It’s a foundational set of credentials that you choose (i.e., username and password). The process of signing in with your Manulife ID confirms your identity and authorizes you to enter your personal online accounts and/or review your individual insurance policy details or investment products.

Persons with one account need one Manulife ID. Persons with several accounts also need one Manulife ID. Essentially, a Manulife ID is required, but also provides the following benefits:

  1. All-around security of information and identification
  2. Account verification enabled through two-step authentication
  3. A simpler sign-in process, as there’s just one set of credentials to remember
  4. It’s easier to switch between accounts after signing in (no need to sign in to separate accounts with separate credentials)

No, this is not where you need to go to submit a health and dental claim. This online portal only contains life insurance and living benefits policy information (e.g., critical illness, disability insurance).

If you need to make a health and dental claim, you must sign in to SecureServe®. From there, you can follow the steps and start a claim (Note: you need to have a Manulife ID to sign in to SecureServe as well).

After setting up your Manulife ID, you still need to connect your account to it. The ‘connecting’ step joins your Manulife ID and your individual account together. You need to fill in your account details to connect it to your Manulife ID. Once that connection is made, the next time you sign in, your account simply appears for you to choose to go to right away.

Many customers have more than one account or policy with Manulife. Each account has its own particulars and needs to be connected – one at a time – to the person’s Manulife ID. Once each account gets connected to the ID, the next time that person goes to sign in, each of their connected accounts will appear and they’ll choose which one they want to review.

At its core, the connection process provides the opportunity to have your account – or policy details – linked to your unique Manulife ID. Your chosen sign-in credentials (i.e., username and password) get saved in your Manulife ID. Then your accounts get associated with your ID through the connection process.

If you have any additional questions or need help, please call our Customer Contact Centre at 1-888-626-8543 or email