Pharmacy saving search video


TITLE: Pharmacy Saving Search

ONSCREEN TEXT: James Hrovnak, Communications Consultant

SCRIPT: My name is James and I’m at the Group Benefits team here at Manulife. Today, I’m going to show you how to use the Pharmacy Saving Search to help you save money in your prescriptions. First, sign in to Group Benefits Mobile from your smartphone or tablet. Tap “Menu” to expand the drop-down and tap “Pharmacy saving search”. First, we’ll define our search. I’m going to look for the best price for a prescription within 5 kilometers from my current location, here at work. Next, select the patient and enter the drug you’ve been prescribed. You’ll see different forms of the drug. Choose the prescribed dosage to add to your list and “Continue”. This is really useful if you’re taking several maintenance medications. You can search for up to five drugs at a time. We’ll continue with just one drug. Here are your search results. You can see how much local pharmacies are charging for your medications. When you select a pharmacy, you’ll find more details like the address, distance from your location, and the costing information. You can explore several pharmacies to see how their prices compare. Then you can get directions or even more detailed information. Let’s continue with the details for the pharmacy.

The pharmacy details page shows you where the pharmacy is and breaks down the cost and coverage for each drug on your list. It all includes a link to detailed coverage information that tells you what your plan will pay. It even offers information about the lowest cost alternative. It can save you even more money. Now that you know how to use pharmacy saving search, you can check for savings before filling your next prescription. Stay tuned for more enhancements at your fingertips!

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