Mental health & counselling services

Knowing where to turn when you’re in need of mental health support can feel overwhelming. With your Manulife extended health care (EHC) benefits plan, you have access to confidential counselling at your fingertips.

Your benefits plan can help provide you with more pathways to mental health support.

Mental health & counselling services help you get easier access to mental health care. Whether you’re looking for support with managing stress or anxiety, adapting to a change in your life, dealing with workplace challenges, or managing relationships, you and your eligible family members have options to access therapy. And it’s completely voluntary and confidential (no personal information is shared with your employer)1.

  • Receive 1-on-1 personalized live care support2 to help you find the appropriate mental health provider and guide you to available resources based on your needs and benefits
  • Get hands-on support to book or reschedule an appointment with a counsellor
  • Use your available extended health care coverage to pay part of the counselling costs (based on your plan’s coverage3)
  • Access self-guided tools and resources, including personalized care plans with recommendations to help you on your path to mental wellness

Confidential counselling by phone, video, chat, in person, or self-serve

Easy, convenient access via mobile and web from the Manulife Mobile app and plan member site

Short wait times to speak to a counsellor (typically 5-7 days)

Most providers4 can submit claims on your behalf, so you only pay if you go over your coverage3

Choose a provider that’s appropriate for you based on fit, experience, language spoken, etc.


Access the mental health & counselling services now on the Manulife Mobile app or the plan member site.

  • From Manulife Mobile app: Sign in and click on the “Get care” tab to see available mental health support.
  • From the plan member site: Once logged in, head to the “Wellness centre” tab and click on “Mental health support”.

If your extended health care (EHC) benefit includes coverage for mental health practitioners, you also have access to mental health & counselling services.

Sign in to your plan member site or Manulife Mobile app to check your coverage.

  • From Manulife Mobile app: Sign in and click on the “Coverage” tab, then select the specific practitioner type to see your balance.
  • From the plan member site: Once logged in, head to the “My benefits” tab and click on “Coverage & Balances”. Then, under “Paramedical”, select the specific practitioner type to see your balance.

No. Our mental health & counselling services are fully voluntary. There is no obligation to use these services. You can still access counselling outside of this program and submit claims under your EHC benefit depending on your plan1.

If you book counselling through the mental health & counselling services, you can use your available EHC benefit to cover part of the costs (coverage amounts and maximums vary by plan). You will be charged any remaining amount not covered by the plan. Payment will be collected via credit card.​ Most providers can submit claims on your behalf4, so you only pay if you go over your coverage. 

Yes. Personal information, including whether you reached out to a counsellor, and use the service, is completely confidential and will not be shared with your employer. 

If your benefits plan includes an EFAP with Manulife, you and your eligible family members have access to immediate assistance and short-term counselling at no cost to you. You can first use your EFAP sessions, and if support is needed beyond these sessions, you have the option to continue working with the same counsellor, or choose another one, through mental health & counselling services. Based on your plan’s coverage, you could get part of these counselling expenses reimbursed by your benefits.

Collecting and using personal information is necessary to our business as a financial services and group benefits provider. Manulife’s privacy policy and the Personal Information Statement set out the purposes for which we collect employee personal information from employees. Protecting employee personal information and respecting your privacy is important to us. You can learn more about our Canadian Privacy Policy and the Personal Information Statement for employers’ Group Benefits plans. You can also read our Online Privacy Statement which explains how we collect, use, and disclose personal information we collect on our websites and apps.

You can invite your eligible family members to join through the TELUS Health online platform feature, “Invite a family member”, or they can call the toll-free number 1-833-531-4455.

1 Using our mental health & counselling services is completely voluntary. If you are already working with a counsellor who is not part of the program, you can continue your course of treatment without interruption and continue to submit claims to your EHC benefits plan as usual.

2 Live care support is available Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. nationally (in the jurisdiction in which the services are being provided) in English and French.

3 Coverage amounts, maximums, and practitioner types vary by plan. 

4 As of now, psychologists, social workers, and psychotherapists can submit provider eclaims in provinces where they are provincially regulated.