Optional life insurance

Extra protection for life’s unexpected moments

Your group benefits plan offers you easy and affordable life insurance options to help you better prepare for life’s unpredictable moments, so you can focus on building unforgettable memories.

What's life insurance?

Life insurance can help your family deal with the financial impact that comes with a loss of life. It pays out a one-time cash amount to the beneficiaries you’ve named under the insurance.

This amount can be used to help cover expenses such as:

  • funeral costs
  • debt payments
  • mortgage payments
  • family living expenses
  • childcare
  • aging parents

Getting started: FAQ

Get answers to the key questions you may be thinking about before purchasing Life or Critical Illness Insurance.

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This tool provides a variety of scenarios to consider when making a purchasing decision about Life or Critical Illness Insurance.

Basic life insurance

Your employer might offer you basic life insurance coverage at a lower cost, or no cost at all. This insurance typically pays up to the full amount of your annual salary. Make sure to check your benefits booklet for your coverage details.

Optional life insurance

You can buy this insurance on top of your basic life insurance as part of your group benefits plan if your employer offers it. You can get the full details online in your benefits booklet. For questions about what your plan offers and how much it costs, ask your plan administrator or human resources (HR) team.

You can insure yourself, your spouse, and your children, as long as:

  • your employer’s plan offers the insurance
  • the person being insured meets your plan’s rules for coverage
  • the person being insured is in good health

As little as $1 a day, depending on the coverage you choose. The options you can get from your group plan are usually cheaper than what you can find on your own.

Here are a few reasons why this coverage is worth it.

  • Flexible coverage – You choose how much you want.
  • Easy to pay for – The money comes off your pay and is sent to Manulife on your behalf.
  • Apply with no medical questionnaire – Your plan might allow you to get a fixed amount of coverage without a medical questionnaire when applying for optional life insurance.
  • Take it with you – If you change jobs and transfer some coverage to an individual policy, you can keep your coverage – with no medical questions asked when transfer is requested.

Group life insurance is available across Canada and may be offered through your employer’s benefits plan.

Check out your employee booklet or contact your human resources (HR) team for more information. To check your benefits booklet, sign in at manulife.ca/signin, then under My benefits, click View benefits booklet.

Easy access to extra coverage available to you and your family

Flexible insurance amount fit for your needs

Easy to pay for

Preferred price through your employer plan

No medical questionnaire needed for a fixed amount of coverage

Take it with you if you change jobs

Applying is easy.

  1. Decide how much insurance you want.
  2. Check the cost and any coverage limits set for your plan.
  3. Fill out and send us the application. You can find the forms to apply at manulife.ca/signin or through your plan administrator.

If you have any questions on how to apply or you need to change your coverage, contact your plan administrator or human resources (HR) team.

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