Change your bank information

Updating your bank information? Let’s make the process as easy as possible. Based on your relationship with Manulife, find your instructions from the list of categories below:

To make a general update or change your direct deposit information:

  • General update
    • Sign in to the secure site
    • Under ‘Claims’, click ‘Banking information – Update banking information’
    • Update your information (i.e., transit number, institution number, account number)
  • To update Direct deposit information
    • Sign in to the secure site
    • Go to ‘My profile’ menu and select ‘Direct Deposit and ECS information’
    • Update your banking information (i.e., transit number, institution number, account number), click Submit
You can find your banking information on a personal cheque, direct deposit form, or you can ask your bank for it.

Complete and fax or mail us the Change of banking form

To add a new bank account to your plan, or change an existing one:

If your plan lets you change your personal information online:

  • Sign in to the secure site
  • Go to My profile -> Add/Change banking information and follow the steps
  • If you expect to contribute to your plan using money from this account:
    • On the confirmation screen, click the Printer-friendly version link under Payer authorization for pre-authorized debit plan form
    • Some of the form is filled out for you. Print it, fill out the rest, and sign it
    • Send us the form you filled out. It tells you how. Don’t forget your void cheque!

If you cannot change your personal information online:

This form lets you add an account to your plan. We don’t remove the old one unless you do the online steps first.

As an insurance customer through an organization, please use this form to change or update your bank information (it may download to the left lower corner of your screen, depending on your browser settings). Download the form, save a copy to your computer, fill in the information, and send the completed form to us.

As a Manulife Bank customer, please visit the bank’s Find a form page for further information.

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If you are a business owner, please visit our business support page for further assistance.