Workplace benefits are a great way to supplement or cover health-related costs that may not be covered by your provincial health care plan.

But false or inflated claims put your benefits at risk. How? They could increase costs for your employer. And then you may lose some, or even all, of your benefits.

What does this mean? You learn the do’s and don’ts. You submit true and accurate claims. And you make the most out of your benefits plan – while protecting it. That’s claim smart. And it’s easy to get there with the information and resources below.

Make smart choices and true statements when you submit claims. Don’t know how to claim something? Or wondering if you can claim it? Just ask! We’re here to help. You can contact our Customer Service Centre by phone (1-800-268-6195) or log in to your plan member secure site and send our customer service professionals a note.

Claims made on your behalf? It’s your responsibility to ensure these claims are correct. So, make sure you know what’s being claimed in your name. Asked to pre-sign blank claim forms to “save time later”? Don’t! The consequences aren’t worth it. You could lose your job, your benefits, or end up with a criminal record.

Here are some great resources to help you get claim smart, including everything you need to make the most out of your plan – and protect it.

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Claim Smart

  • Learn how to choose a provider.
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  • Take the right steps to make a claim and protect your benefits.
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Dental claims

  • Understand what to be aware of during and after your dental appointment.
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  • Tips on how to make the most out of your drug plan.
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  • Get the scoop on what a delisted provider means and what to do.
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Did you see service providers – or other people – do something benefits-wise that doesn’t feel right to you? Want to report benefits fraud and abuse? You can tell us here. We’ll investigate!

Find out how Claim Smart you are by taking our fun online quiz!


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