How Claim Smart are you?

You can help protect your plan from misuse by making smart choices when submitting a claim.

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A workplace benefits plan is a great way to supplement or cover health-related costs that may not be covered by provincial health care plans

But there’s no guarantee it’ll always be there. False or embellished claims put plans at risk. They increase the costs for employers, which can result in fewer or even a loss of benefits for you.

You can help protect your benefits!

Be part of the solution

  • Make smart choices and truthful statements when submitting claims. If you’re not sure how to claim something, just ask! We’re here to help.

Don’t let others put your benefits at risk

  • It’s your responsibility to make sure claims made on your behalf are truthful. So, make sure you see what’s being claimed in your name. If you’re ever asked to pre-sign empty claim forms to ‘save time later’, don’t! The consequences aren’t worth it - you could lose your benefits, your job or end up with a criminal record.

Share & Protect

  • If you see actions by service providers or other people that just don’t feel right to you, let us know. We’ll investigate!