Custom group retirement and savings plan

Design your plan to meet your plan members’ needs

Provide your plan members with a financial foundation they can build on to prepare for retirement. 

Select plan options to create your group retirement savings program and you can:

Help your plan members save for the retirement income they need

Provide options for shorter term savings and profit participation

Attract the right talent, and help improve employee retention and engagement

Potentially save money by reducing your corporate income taxes

Choose your group retirement and savings plan

Speak to your Manulife representative to discuss group retirement and savings plan options to help meet your business needs. 


Learn about employee wellness and engagement at the workplace

Health and Financial Wellness Approach | Manulife

See insights into the strong relationship between financial and personal wellness, and its impact on engagement and productivity.

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Choose the right options for your workplace savings plan

Use this simple chart to compare & select the right mix of group retirement savings options to offer your employees as part of your workplace savings plan.

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Holistic retirement readiness involves health and financial wellness

A wellness approach that embraces financial wellness alongside physical and mental well-being, can help contribute to a happier and healthier workplace.

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How to help prepare your employees for retirement

Four key ingredients group plans can offer to help employees feel more confident as they near retirement.

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