Simplified pension plan (SPP)/Simplified money purchase pension plan (SMPPP)

For Quebec and Manitoba plan sponsors

As an employer  in Quebec or Manitoba, you can give your plan members access to all the benefits of a Defined Contribution Registered Pension Plan (DC RPP) without the complexity. The Simplified Pension Plan (SPP) in Quebec and Simplified Money Purchase Pension Plan (SMPPP) in Manitoba are pension plans in which several employers contribute.  You can also minimize governance and administration associated with traditional pension plans by setting up a SPP/SMPPP.

Plan details

What is an SPP/SMPPP?

DC RPP covering multiple employers in Quebec or Manitoba. It is administered by Manulife instead of the employer.

Our complete, integrated and affordable SPP/SMPPP solution:

  • Helps plan members grow their savings, often with lower investment management fees than individual accounts
  • Offers plan members options no matter what their investment knowledge or interest level—from simple to customized solutions.

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