Achieve a Vitality StatusTM

Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum - your Vitality StatusTM is based on the number of Vitality PointsTM you earn each year. Your Vitality StatusTM determines your eligibility for rewards and the potential discount on your annual cost of insurance.

The more Vitality PointsTM you earn, the higher your Vitality StatusTM, and the greater your potential rewards and savings!

Bronze Vitality Trophy
BRONZE 0 Points

Silver Vitality Trophy
SILVER 3,500 Points

Gold Vitality Trophy
GOLD 7,000 Points

Platinum Vitality Trophy
PLATINUM 10,000 Points

How to earn points

It’s simple, really! Set up your member profile, set your goals and get started. Everyday activities like walking the dog, going to the gym and completing online nutrition courses will earn you points.

You’ll even get points for completing a wellness screening – free of charge, anywhere you like!

Plus, as a member, you can choose a wearable device to help easily track your activities and progress and earn even more Vitality PointsTM and rewards!

Get 1,500 Welcome Bonus Vitality Points when you register in the program and complete your Vitality Health Review within the first 90 days

What are you waiting for?

Become a Manulife Vitality program member and start taking the steps to a healthier, happier you and enjoy great rewards along the way! Find an advisor for help getting started.