Sharing Humanity is a podcast produced by Manulife to help Canadians stay mentally, physically and financially healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’re here to help. Please check our coronavirus (COVID-19) page regularly, for important information and more helpful articles.

Maintaining relationships during COVID-19

Struggling with the additional challenges that COVID-19 has placed on your relationships? You’re not alone. This is an interview with Dr. Georgia Pomaki, leader of mental health specialists at Manulife. She’s a clinical psychologist by training and has a PhD in occupational mental health.  

Get your kids moving!

Finding ways to keep you and your family active during the pandemic is an important piece of your overall health. This is an interview with David Hatch, a personal trainer and fitness centre coordinator at Manulife.

Tips for budgeting during a pandemic

Learn tactics for personal and family budgeting during a pandemic. This is an interview with Nicolas Samaan – a PlanRight® Regional Leader at Manulife. 

Parenting while isolated and working from home

Learn tactics for coping as a parent during the COVID-19 pandemic, while supporting children in a compassionate way. This is an interview with Dr. Georgia Pomaki – leader of mental health specialists in Manulife Canada Group Benefits.