COVID-19 & your health and dental insurance

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected Canadians in many ways – keeping our contact centres and claims departments busy helping people facing unexpected or emergency expenses related to the crisis.

For faster service, customers are encouraged to use our online tools to submit claims for health and dental services.

Information for customers who have either purchased insurance from us or through an advisor; or have health and dental insurance coverage as members of an association (e.g. alumni groups, professional organizations, retiree organizations, financial institutions, retailers).

Read our Health and Dental Information Handbook to learn how to:

  • Sign up for the site for the first time
  • Submit a claim online
  • Get your claims payments paid directly into your bank account
  • Add and update your personal information such as your address or bank account information
  • Find out what information is needed for us to assess less common types of claim expenses, such as nursing care or expensive medical equipment, and
  • Contact us directly for more support.

If you have general questions about your health and dental benefits, please email us at Protecting your personal information and respecting your privacy is important to us; please do not include any sensitive personal information, such as your policy number or date of birth, in your email. 

Information for customers who have health and dental coverage from us through their employer’s group benefits plan.

Once you’ve registered on our plan member secure site, you can submit your claims quickly and easily, review your plan coverage and manage your account.  Learn more.