Coping with loneliness and isolation is not always easy.

With the emergence of cornavirus, we’ve had to change the ways we communicate and connect with others. For those who live alone, social isolation can be particularly difficult.

According to MindBeacon™, it’s normal to feel lonely. Loneliness is a healthy reaction because it prompts us to reconnect with others.  

However, with the emergence of COVID-19, new obstacles have made it difficult to connect with others in the ways we used to.

Tips for combating loneliness and isolation according to MindBeacon

Be creative

Check out some of the apps available that allow you to play games or watch movies with others while not physically being in the same space.

Connect with others while multi-tasking. For example, you can call up a friend while you are cooking dinner or going for a walk.

Avoid all-or-nothing thinking

Anything can be better than nothing. Break your day up into manageable chunks. Not every phone call or video chat has to be long – connecting with someone even for five minutes can help.

Give yourself time

Listen to your body and respect your limits. It’s important for your mind and body to find time for yourself to do what you love. Maybe it’s joining an online workout class or reading a book.

Connect with others through social media

Social media can be a great tool (if used wisely) for connecting with others who have similar interests.

Try to avoid passively scrolling through a social newsfeed – this may leave you feeling more isolated. If you are struggling, try limiting screen time or the use of a specific app.

And remember, coping with loneliness is not always easy. It’s natural to crave being around others. For additional tools and resources on this topic, and more visit: Stronger Minds by BEACON®

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