Manulife is shifting to a fully digital claims experience. The best part about it? You get your money back faster with online claims and direct deposit. Once your claim is checked, you’ll get an email with the details.

To get the best possible experience with benefits, enter your email and banking info when you sign up to the plan member site.

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Why Direct Deposit?

Direct Deposit puts the money right in your account. With a cheque, sometimes your bank might place a “hold” on the funds. Holds can last for up to five business days.

Money only goes in

Direct Deposit moves money one way only:  from us to you. We can’t go into your account and take it back. You always control who can access your account. 

Yes, it’s secure.

At Manulife, we take privacy very seriously. We know how important it is to protect it from data breaches, fraud, and theft. You trust us to maintain your privacy. We secure your information. 

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To get your benefit claims paid directly to your bank account we need the same banking information you’d provide for direct payroll deposits:

  • Institution Number
  • Transit Number
  • Account Number

If you have a void cheque handy, here’s where you’d find that information:

Cheque, transit number 5 digits, account number 12 digits, institution number 3 digits

If you don’t, you can find your account number and transit number on a bank statement, online in your banking account, or in your banking app.

To make it easy for you, see below for a list of banks, their institution numbers, and how many digits are in each account number so you can easily find what you are looking for.

While Manulife has compiled this banking information for your convenience, if you run into any trouble we recommend you check with your bank.

4 ways you can submit your health and dental claims

Your provider may be able to submit your claims directly to Manulife. Check with your provider.

Sign in or register to your online account and select submit a claim. It’s just that simple.

Select Submit a claim from your online account or the Manulife Mobile app.

You may be asked to provide a receipt for your claim. Just scan or take a picture of it, attach it and you’re good to go. Download the app today!

Fill in, print, and follow the mailing instructions on the form.

Extended Health Care Claim

Dental Claim

All forms

If you need help submitting your claim, get in touch with your plan administrator or contact us Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm ET.

Select Submit a claim from your online account to start the process. Then you’ll be asked to provide some information and documentation to support your claim:

  • From your doctor: Attending Physician’s Statement (APS) form
  • From you: Plan Member Authorization, Certification & Agreement form

We can walk you through submitting your claim – just call us! 

Or you can start the process from your online account by selecting Submit a claim. You’ll be asked to provide some information and documentation to support your claim.