We’re helping these Canadians from across the country take little steps to achieve their big financial goals. See how these steps are adding up to turn their personal goals into reality.

Matt Benfield (@Mr.Benfield)

Financial Goal: to pay off my debt.

“One of the biggest lessons I've learned through this process is this...MONEY. HAS. NO. POWER. OVER. YOU. The only time that money has power over you is if you give her power. Other than that, she's just a piece of paper or a piece of digital dust floating around in the cloud. The moment I started trusting myself and changed my perspective about money is when I realized that my debt is MANAGEABLE."

Frede Rioux (@FredeRioux)

Financial Goal: to track and better understand my expenses.

“The financial goal I set for myself with #manulife was to replace taking taxis with walking. A few months later, I’ve noticed that I’ve managed to replace 60% of my taxi rides with walks. It's good for my health and the environment, and I'm saving over $ 3,500 a year. It’s proof that small daily gestures have a big impact in the long run."

Daniel Ocean (@Mr.DanielOcean)

Financial Goal: to manage a consistent and healthy credit pattern.

“I've dedicated every Friday morning after my hike with the dogs to record my expenses from the week and double check that all of my consistent payments are being made. My goal is to get a rock solid credit status and these are the moments that are going to get me there."

The GG Sisters (@TheGGSisters)

Financial Goal: to save money for family and a down payment.

“We grew up in a home where it was taboo to talk about how much money you were making, talk about where your money was being invested, or even talk about our financial goals. Well, it’s 2019 and we are going to erase all of those feelings to embrace conversations around money."

Jaime Damak (@JaimeDamak)

Financial Goal: to prepare myself and my family for the unexpected.

“You have to take small steps, because it's a lot easier than taking giant ones. It's more motivating and less scary. I have a list of things I need to do: write down which insurance I need, research online, make phone calls and appointments, and analyze my budget. Finally, I make decisions with my husband because my choices impact the whole family."