According to Expedia’s Vacation Deprivation Study — a rather telling title — Canadians left 31 million vacation days1 on the table. 

Yes, hard to believe 31. Million. Days. Off.

We want to change that by offering some little tips to make your dream vacation a reality without breaking the bank. 

Here’s a couple tips….

1.     Start by setting a budget. From there, you can both plan your activities and start setting aside money. 

2.     Arrange for an automatic deposit of a set amount from each pay cheque, into a separate account.

3.     Look for flights in the sweet spot — about 8 weeks in advance2

4.     Sign up for price alerts at sites like kayak.ca3 or even through Google4

5.     Use credit card rewards or loyalty rewards from hotel chains. 

6.     Keep your general itinerary and destination in mind when choosing accommodations. For example, if you’re sightseeing in a city, stick to budget options.

Looking for a little extra fun and advice?  Budget travel is a huge segment within the travel/tourism industry, and there are plenty of resources to help — from Lonely Planet guides to travel blogs

While you’re enjoying your stay, some other little tips can really add up…

  • If you have access to a kitchen, take advantage of local food markets. 
  • Use public transportation, especially if your trip includes multiple cities or countries.
  • Some attractions offer discounts if you book online ahead of time. Bonus: You might also avoid a lineup at the door. 
  • Look for free walking tours, parks, or pay-what-you-can museums.
  • Get to know the concierge. They’re both a local and in-the-know on cheaper restaurants and activities that might be off the beaten path. 

Saving and budgeting will go a long way in helping you reach your dream destination.

A little can do a lot.  

Bon Voyage!


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