Manulife investor sentiment index

Since 1999, Manulife has been monitoring public interest and trends in investing. The Manulife Investor Sentiment Index is a measure of Canadian investors’ views on a range of asset classes and savings and investment vehicles, as well as their confidence in these areas. As of 2012, the index is based on an online survey of approximately 2,000 Canadians aged 25+ conducted by Research House, an Environics Company. The data is weighted according to the most recent Canadian Census.

The Investor Sentiment Index is calculated based on perception of whether it is a “good time” or “bad time” to invest in these asset classes:

  • Stocks (directly, equity funds)
  • Fixed income (bonds, GICs, CSBs, bond/income funds)
  • Your own home (includes paying down mortgage)
  • Other investment property
  • Cash (bank account, money market funds)
  • Balanced mutual funds