Four business reasons to buy travel insurance

Four reasons to manage travel-related risks for small business owners.

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Eight tips for travelling with a disability or illness

Tips to help you prepare for a great trip even when traveling with a disability or illness.

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Five stress relievers for Canadian business owners

Bring your work and your life back into balance with these five stress relievers.

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Support your employees’ mental health

Manulife is an early adopter of National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace.

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Promoting mental health practices in the workplace

Manulife is the Mental Health at Work® Champion of Excellence with Excellence Canada.

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Protect your income

Personalized disability insurance can provide the protection you need for insuring your income.

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How to stay motivated while you’re on disability leave

Finding effective ways to cope with the emotional and financial stresses of going on disability leave is essential to your recovery and your ability to return to your job.

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Stay fit for your health and wealth

Beyond helping you stay healthy, exercise can improve your productivity and your finances. Understand the connection between health & wealth.

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Glossary of acronyms

See an acronym and not sure what it stands for? Review acronyms.

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