New dashboard gives you insights into program participation

“Are our members participating in our program?”

The Membership Tracker helps answer this question and more. The newest dashboard, available now on your sponsor secure site, tells you the story of your members’ participation from the time they join a plan to the time they leave it.

Building on your needs

Like all our dashboards, we built the Membership Tracker based on what you told us you need to know: what plans in your program your members are joining or leaving and when, the details behind the stages they move through from the beginning to the end of their participation, and what stands out.

The Membership Tracker gives you all this and more. You get detailed breakdowns of members and their memberships in any plans in the program, so you can track:

  • What plans your members are joining or leaving and the turnover rates, so you can monitor the progress in program participation
  • Upward and downward trends by month and over the last 12 months
  • Breakdowns of memberships by status and reason; for example, pending memberships awaiting approval, or memberships terminated due to retirement
  • Memberships with assets in the program and if anything stands out – such as inactive or terminated members who still have assets in the program, or active members with no assets
  • Patterns in memberships over time, forecasts for the coming year and whether memberships are trending to forecast.

Digging deeper with interactive features

Like all our dynamic dashboards, the Membership Tracker has features that let you focus on what you want to see. You can:

  • Filter the data to include or exclude plans and administrative groups
  • Isolate data, so you can look at specific scenarios

Data is refreshed every month, so you can monitor memberships as regularly as you need to.

More to come

The Membership Tracker joins a suite that includes the Asset dashboard, the Contact Centre Insights dashboard and the Member Digital Engagement dashboard as the latest of our dynamic, interactive online tools, available right on your sponsor secure site. All are designed with input from sponsors like you, to quickly give you the insights you need. And we’re building more!

To access the Membership tracker

Sign in to your sponsor secure site, click on “Dashboard” and select the Membership Tracker.

Questions? Contact your Manulife representative.