Introducing the Contact Centre Insights Dashboard

After recently launching the Asset Dashboard, we’re continuing to build dashboards to give you valuable insights into your group retirement program.

You will now see the Contact Centre Insights Dashboard on your secure site. This latest dashboard gives you a look at how your members have engaged with their program through our Contact Centre in the last year. It’ll show you:

  • How many of your plan members (active, inactive and terminated) called at least once in the last year, along with comparisons with the previous year
  • A breakdown of calls by month or by whatever date range you choose, so you can get an idea of what periods or events generate calls
  • The reasons your members called, so you can quickly see what your members are concerned about or need help with and identify topics to address with them. 

The interactive dashboard helps you zero in on a specific detail or period. Tools tips let you see the details behind each graphic. Clear, impactful visuals let you easily see what stands out. Data is available up to the last day of the previous month and covers the last 13 months.

We’ve started rolling out the Call Centre Insights Dashboard on your sponsor secure site. Look for it when you click on the “Dashboards” menu item.

This is just the latest in the series of dashboards we’re building to give you valuable insights on how your plan members engage with your group retirement program. We'll keep you posted on these over the next few months.

In the meantime, contact your Manulife representative if you have any questions.