Explore your Asset Dashboard

The Asset Dashboard – Explore a new way to look at data

You may have noticed a new menu item on your sponsor site recently.

By clicking on “Dashboard” you’ll discover the first of several dynamic, interactive online tools we're building to help you quickly get the insights you need to make decisions about your plan.

The Asset Dashboard gives you a global view of total member assets in your group retirement program over the last three years and fund utilization across your plans, up to the last day of the previous month. The visuals help you see what stands out, while the interactivity helps you get to the data behind the visuals and export it for further investigation.

Here are some of the things you can do in just a short time and few clicks:

  • Identify the right questions to ask – Look at how your plan’s assets are trending and immediately see what stands out, so you can investigate further.
  • Find the insights that’ll support your decision-making – Highlight key data and insights instantly to integrate into a presentation or export it into a spreadsheet for further analysis.
  • Get ideas for optimizing your fund lineup – See how funds are performing, how your members are using them and which funds you might want to change.

And you can do this without having to request multiple reports, sift through a lot of data, or spend a lot of time.

The Asset Dashboard is just a start. We’re building dashboards to give you valuable insights on how your plan members engage with your group retirement program. We'll keep you posted on these over the next few months.

In the meantime, log in to your sponsor site, click on “Dashboard” and explore!