Blood glucose monitors and diabetes care

November 8, 2022

For plan members, sponsors, and administrators

An introduction to blood glucose monitor devices

Today, people with diabetes have many devices available to help them manage their blood sugar. Plan sponsors and administrators can use this chart to better understand the different devices.

Blood glucose monitors help members feel more empowered in the management of their condition. It should be noted that no single solution (device) is the right fit for every person.

This introductory chart describes several devices now on the market. Compare and contrast each one to learn more.
System Name Health Canada authorized for… Life of sensor Continuous data visibility? Real-time low/high blood glucose alerts? Urgent blood glucose “Low Soon” alert? Other components/devices needed? Can be integrated with an insulin pump? Typical Annual Use
Blood Glucose Meters (BGM) Patients with diabetes (all ages) At point of test No No No
  • Reader
  • Optional: Ketone Strips
  • 200-400 strips (non-insulin dependent)
  • 3000 strips (insulin dependent)
Freestyle Libre™ Patients with diabetes who are 18 years and older 14 days No No No
  • Sensors
  • Receiver (or phone app)
No 27 sensors (1 in a box)
Freestyle Libre™ 2 Patients with diabetes who are 4 years and older 14 days No – intermittent scanning Only when in Bluetooth range Yes
  • Sensors
  • Receiver (or phone app)
No 27 sensors (1 in a box)
Medtronic: Guardian™ Patients with diabetes who are 3 years and older Up to 7 days Yes Yes Yes
  • Sensors
  • Transmitters
  • Receiver (or phone app)
Yes 56 sensors
Dexcom G6™ Patients with diabetes who are 2 years and older 10 days Yes Yes Yes
  • Sensors
  • Transmitters
  • Receiver (or phone app)
  • 39 sensors (3 in a box)
  • 5 transmitters

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