Setting up your Apple Watch is easy. Here is a step by step guide on how to get started.

Individual insurance

Please ensure you have the correct Manulife Vitality app downloaded from the App Store or Google Play and follow the Apple watch setup instructions for your program.

Group Benefits

Please ensure you have the correct Manulife Vitality for Group Benefits app downloaded from the App Store or Google Play and follow the setup instructions for your program.

Before you can connect your Apple Watch to the program, please make sure you have registered online, downloaded the app, and set up your watch.

  1. Log into the Manulife Vitality mobile app
  2. Tap Health App > Connect to the Health App
  3. Tap Yes to allow Manulife Vitality to send and receive data from the Health App
  4. Turn on Active Energy, Steps, and Weight. Then tap Allow at the top right of the screen

Once you are connected to the Health App, you can start earning Vitality PointsTM using your Apple Watch.

Important: In order to ensure data your activity is sent to Manulife Vitality, you will need to regularly open and log in to, your Manulife Vitality mobile app.

Before you can sync your Apple Watch activity data with Manulife Vitality, please make sure you have registered online, downloaded the app and linked your Apple Watch.

To sync your Apple Watch data with Manulife Vitality, you must open and log in to, your Manulife Vitality app on a regular basis.

Active Calories are calories you burn throughout the day by walking, cleaning, dancing, or any activity that that gets you moving – essentially, exercising.  You can earn points for workouts using your Apple Watch for step and active calorie tracking. Points are awarded based on active calories burned throughout the entire day, not just during a workout.

You can earn points towards Light, Standard, and Advanced workouts* using your Apple Watch for step and active calorie tracking. To earn points, you need to meet thresholds as determined by your height, weight and gender.

To find your thresholds, you must have set up and linked your Active Watch to the Apple Health app and Manulife Vitality.

  1. Log into the Manulife Vitality mobile app
  2. Tap Health App
  3. In the drop down for the Steps or Active Calorie options, you will see your points earning thresholds.

*Only Standard and Advanced workouts will count towards your monthly goal to earn down your Apple Watch payment. 

How do I link my Apple Watch to Manulife Vitality for Group Benefits?

Apple Health

Please ensure you have signed up for Manulife Vitality for Group Benefits and set up your Apple Health account.

  1. Log in to your Manulife Vitality for Group Benefits mobile app
  2. Tap the Profile icon on the bottom of the screen
  3. Tap Manage Devices and Apps > Apple Health App > Link Now
  4. Tap 'Turn On All' to connect Apple Health to Manulife Vitality Group Benefits then tap 'Allow'
  5. Confirm you are linked by returning to the Fitness Devices and Apps page. If you are connected, you will see Apple Health App listed under Linked

Syncing your Apple Watch activity

  1. Log in to your Manulife Vitality for Group Benefits mobile app
  2. Tap Profile (Android users can tap the Menu icon on the top left of the screen) > Manage devices and apps
  3. Under Linked, tap Apple Health App > Sync Now

You can configure your Apple Watch using the Watch app on your iPhone.

Manulife Vitality has an Apple Watch complication (available on watchOS2 and later) that you can use to help you track your weekly points target. Tap Complications in the Watch app to add Manulife Vitality.

Note: Complications are only available with certain watch faces. To learn more about this and other Apple Watch features, please visit

No, your Apple Watch is a brand-new device. You will need to set it up and link it to Manulife Vitality separately.

After you link your Apple Watch to Manulife Vitality, you will need to regularly sync your watch to ensure your activity data is being sent to Vitality. You can do this by regularly opening and logging into your Manulife Vitality mobile app.

Manulife Vitality recommends syncing your watch 1-2 times a week or more.

Vitality holds privacy in the highest regard. In the Apple collaboration, Vitality is able – with your explicit consent – to obtain information from the Apple Health App to deliver the benefits of the Manulife Vitality program. Vitality does not transmit individual data to Apple or Manulife. Apple does not use a member’s personal information. For more information on Apple’s commitment to privacy, review its statement at

Manulife Vitality allows members to connect and earn Vitality Points for activity on many different devices. However, this feature is not available when connecting devices through the Health app. Workouts tracked through the Health app may result in non-standard data for which we are unable to award Vitality Points.

Please consider connecting your other devices through the free MapMyFitness app. This will verify your workouts and transfer them to Manulife Vitality.

When you use the Apple Watch to track your workouts, the watch tracks your active calories – the calories you burn when you’re active. The calculation for active calories is influenced by your weight stored in the Health app. Manulife Vitality awards Vitality Points based on the active calories you burn.

Since your weight influences the number of calories you burn, Manulife Vitality will adjust your workout thresholds if your weight stored in the Health app changes. We will not adjust the thresholds if there is a minor change in your weight. 

Open the Activity app on your Apple Watch and scroll down to the bottom and click on “Change goals”. You can change your daily Move goal amount to match your Manulife Vitality active calorie threshold needed to earn points.  Please visit Apple support to learn more about using your move ring. 

You will be eligible to start earning points for active calories if all these criteria are met:

  • You have an Apple Watch.
  • In the Health app, you agreed to share your weight and active calorie measurements with the Manulife Vitality app.
  • You have recorded data for both weight and calories for the Manulife Vitality app to verify the connection.

You can manage this from the Health app on your smartphone. Open the Health app and tap Sources to access your settings.

Frequently asked questions - Active rewards with Apple Watch

Individual insurance only

If your Apple Watch is lost or stolen, you are still responsible for your monthly payments as per the Apple Watch Agreement. Payments will continue to be based on the number of Standard or Advanced Workouts you complete during each month.

You can still lower your monthly payments based on physical activity tracked through other linked devices or gym visits. You are not eligible to purchase another watch until 24 months after your original order.

A month starts on the first day of the month and ends on the last day of that month.

Manulife Vitality tallies up the points you earn for the previous month on the sixth day of the month. This is the monitoring period that allows time for all activities to be submitted and counted towards the Apple Watch payment.

To ensure you do not miss out on points, we suggest that you sync your devices as soon as possible after your workouts.

If you synced your device by the end of the monitoring period and you feel that there was a significant delay in Manulife Vitality awarding your points, please contact Manulife Vitality.

If Manulife Vitality is unable to process a payment, typically due to an expired or invalid credit card, you will see alters on both the mobile app and website asking you to update your credit card details. Once your credit card has been updated, the amounts owed will be processed in the next billing cycle.

If you have not paid your required monthly amount for a period of six months, Manulife Vitality may send your account to a collections agency. The collection agency will attempt to collect the amount you owe and the remaining balance on your Apple Watch. Manulife reserves the right to take additional legal measures to collect the amounts you owe.

If you get a new Apple Watch, you should follow the instructions to pair your iPhone with your new watch. Your new watch will automatically be linked to Manulife Vitality.

You may have a credit card on file that is no longer valid. If you’re seeing this message, you may have one of the following:

  • An expired credit card on file
  • A card that will soon expire
  • Your credit card is no longer valid
  • A payment that could not be processed

If your credit card is about to expire, you can click on the update payment details link on the Vitality Active Rewards with Apple Watch page. There, you can change or update your credit card on file.

You are still responsible to meet your obligations in the Apple Watch Agreement. Depending on what day in the month your coverage is terminated, and the number of Vitality PointsTM you have earned in qualifying workouts up to that point, a discounted monthly payment may still be appropriate. For example, if you cancel your policy effective May 20th, but have earned 200 Vitality PointsTM in Standard and Advanced Workouts by that date, the June billing cycle will charge you the discount appropriate at 200 points. In June, you will not be able to earn any Vitality PointsTM; therefore, when the July billing cycle occurs, you will pay the maximum monthly amount for that month and all future months until you have completely paid off the balance. Also, you always have an option of paying the remaining amount and closing out your monthly obligation by calling Manulife Vitality to initiate a return. 

Tap the More icon on the Manulife Vitality mobile app. Tap Health App > Active Calories. This will expand the section to show the active calorie thresholds for light, standard and advanced workouts.

Note: Only standard and advanced workouts will count towards your Apple Watch payment.