Concerned about a potential illness

You are concerned that you or someone in your family might get a serious illness.


Thankfully, my family is happy and healthy right now, but it was difficult it was seeing my aunt go through cancer treatment. Because of that, I wanted to make sure my family was covered should one of us get a become critically ill. and I just wanted to make sure my family is prepared and set up with what we may need should something happen to one of us. Luckily my aunt is a survivor, but she had a really tough couple of years where she couldn’t work which became a bit of a financial strain for the family. 


I decided to purchase Life Insurance for my wife and I, and purchased Critical Illness Insurance for myself, wife, and our children. Hopefully we never need it, but if we do, Critical Illness Insurance can give us the money we need to allow us to focus on recovery instead of worrying about how to pay the bills. 

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