A healthy lifestyle provides immeasurable benefits to your personal health and well-being. Read our articles on the benefits of having healthy habits at home and at work, what to pack for emergency travel, how to stay motivated while on disability leave and more.

Everyday Fitness Habits

A few everyday habits can lead you to wellness and a more active lifestyle without stepping foot in a weight room and to burn calories without even noticing.

Learn new fitness habits

Formula for Fulfillment

Find out more about the five key lessons learned from the seven decade Harvard Grant Study on aging and wellness.

Discover the formula

Get Out!

Most of us spend a lot of time indoors, don't get a lot of sunshine and fresh air. Going outside is good for us. There are benefits for getting outdoors.

Learn about the benefits

Reboot Your Body

An inactive lifestyle together with an unbalanced diet, smoking, and excessive alcohol consumption prevent parts of our body to regenerate.

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Kitchen Tips for a Healthier You

A good practice at home that can help reduce stress and lead you to wellness is to declutter your kitchen and create more space for healthy habits.

Create more kitchen space

Food for Change

April set out to make healthy snacking convenient for Canadian kids and by encouraging healthy living through innovation.

Read the healthy snacks revolution

Run Before You Walk

Getting out for a run starts with a first step in the right direction. Here are 10 ways you can put your best foot forward.

Get started with these steps

Unplug To Reconnect

A recent study suggested that Canadians are spending a lot of their waking time online. Scaling back the amount of time spent online has its clear benefits.

Try a 5-step digital cleanse

Looking Up

Most of us spend a lot of time looking at a screen which can strain our eyes and lead to Computer Vision Syndrome. There are simple tips for preventing it.

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Ride for a Better Life

Cycling to work can improve health and wellness and bike-share programs make cycling a viable and an affordable option when you’re out and about on the town.

Ride to boost your health

School of Hard Knox

Sandi Knox describes how she turned a traumatic attack into a triumph of fitness: from taking self-defense classes to becoming a fitness mentor.

Read Sandi's inspiring story

Stretching the Possiblities for Health

Regular exercise has immeasurable health benefits, especially while at the office by following three stretches you can do from your workstation.

Learn these 3 easy stretches

Into the Wild

Former CFL player Shea Emry shares how after struggling with depression, he discovered the healing powers of connecting with others and being outdoors.

Learn Shea's recovery

Taking The Pulse: Chick Peas

In Canada, people from all cultures draw on their heritage to make delicious meals with pulses. Watch Shadia talk about chick peas and their health benefits.

See Shadia's hummus recipe

Taking the Pulse: Lentils

Watch Miheer talk about his favourite lentil dish and how it brings back memories of India with his family at the dinner table.

See Miheer's dal recipe

Taking The Pulse: Black Beans

Watch Olivier talk about black beans' place in Mexican culinary culture and his favourite black bean dish.

See Olivier's favourite recipe


A spotlight on the “Feast” app illustrating a company’s passion for using fresh and local ingredients while delivering it in an eco-friendly way.

See a typical day at Feast


Ruth Klahsen is a passionate artisanal cheesemaker who uses local, top-quality ingredients to produce cheese that’s good for you.

Visit Ruth's cheesemaking factory

The Benefits of Going Green

Learn about the health benefits and tips on how to make a tasty and delicious green smoothie.

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Turn Your Desk Into A Gym

Ten quick exercises to help you stay healthy when you have a few spare time at work.

Workout while you work

How We Age

Our health and wellness as we get older are influenced by our diet, physical and mental activity, and our approach to managing stress.

Be proactive with your health

5 Steps To Heart Health

To help you get wise about your health and your wellness, here are 5 simple strategies for avoiding heart disease.

How to protect your heart

My Own Best Advocate

A former Olympic Canadian figure skater's health scare resulting from an undiagnosed heart condition is now an advocate for women's heart health.

Learn Isabelle's story

Get a Move On

Learn how age affects your physical health and wellness, how much physical activity is enough, and the three key steps to getting and staying in shape.

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Say Yes To Less Stress

Too much stress takes its toll on your health and wellness. Here's 10 simple approaches to manage stress.

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The Health and Financial Wellness Connection

Managing your financial preparedness can make it easier to manage your health and wellness.

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