Manulife Health and Well-Being in the Workplace Policy

Objective and Scope

As a global employer, Manulife Financial Corporation and its subsidiaries (collectively “Manulife” or the “Company”), are committed to promoting a culture of health, safety and well-being in the workplace. This policy recognizes that physical and psychological health and safety and well-being is a shared responsibility between Manulife and all employees. 


It is the policy of Manulife to provide a safe and healthy work place for all employees. 

Manulife is committed to the following: 

  • Promoting and supporting the physical and psychological health, safety and well-being of its employees by developing and providing programs, tools and resources intended to foster a healthy work environment. Programs and tools, such as Wellness Matters, will continuously evolve while focusing on: lifestyle, work environment, work–life balance and management practices. 
  • Facilitating and encouraging employee participation in healthy workplace initiatives. 
  • Building and maintaining a workplace environment and culture that encourages respect and reduces social stigma around mental health issues.
  • Fostering a collaborative atmosphere between leaders and employees regarding how tasks and objectives are accomplished.
  • Increasing employee knowledge and awareness of physical and psychological health and well-being issues and behaviors.
  • Encouraging the participation of all employees and all levels of management to support a positive work environment.
  • Improving the nutritional offering in its locations (cafeterias, bistros, vending machines) and encouraging healthier catering services for on-site meetings or events.

Manulife may from time to time offer employees voluntary options to participate in health and well-being programs offered by our benefits providers (both third party and/or internal). Safeguarding the confidentiality of data collected by Manulife and/or these third parties is important to Global Human Resources. Manulife conducts vendor / partner reviews in accordance with Information Risk Programs and Procurement Policy to ensure that your data is handled appropriately. Collection, use and/or disclosure of any data collected (such as nutrition practices, physical activity and exercise habits, smoking history, height, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.) in relation to programs such as; Health Risk Assessments, Biometric Screenings, or Lifestyle Health Coaching, will be safeguarded in accordance with the Updated Privacy Policy for Canadian Based Employees and any applicable privacy and/or personal health information legislation. 


A healthy and safe workplace is a shared responsibility between Manulife and all employees.


Employees are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the Manulife Wellness program(s) and to safeguard the physical and psychological well-being of themselves and others in the workplace. This includes working in compliance with all relevant health and safety legislation, standards and policies and procedures; and reporting any hazardous conditions or acts to their immediate supervisor for prompt remediation.  

People Leaders

People Leaders are responsible for supporting and empowering employees to take an active role in engaging in their physical and psychological health, safety and well-being. This includes taking every precaution reasonable to ensure the protection and safety of their employees, advising their employees of the existence of potential or actual workplace hazards, and ensuring they work safely and in accordance with all relevant health and safety legislation, standards and policies and procedures.

Health and /Wellness Committee

The H & S/ Wellness Committee is responsible for promoting, guiding and informing Manulife’s health, and wellness focus. The Committee develops and supports healthy workplace programs, monitors the progress of such initiatives, and provides recommendations to the Senior Management on how to sustain a healthy workplace culture.

Global Performance & Rewards

The Policy must be reviewed and approved by the SVP, Global Performance & Rewards at least once every 3 years. Global Performance & Rewards has the authority to make changes to the Policy as needed.

Audit Services

Audit Services is responsible for reviewing the effectiveness of each Division’s compliance with the global risk policies and relevant risk management programs, on a periodic basis as per the audit review cycle.  If Audit Services identifies non-compliance with global risk policies or determines there are risk taking activities that do not appear to be governed by an appropriate global risk policy, Audit Services will advise Corporate Risk Management so any issues can be addressed.

The Health and Well-Being in the Workplace Policy supersedes all previous versions of this policy.  

The Company reserves the right to change, suspend or cancel this policy at any time. This policy is subject to compliance with applicable legislation.