Phone numbers directory

Group benefits
Plan members 1‑800‑268‑6195
Plan members with the former Standard Life 1‑800‑499‑4425
Plan administrators 1-866-318-2727
Employers for an industry association or union group 1‑800‑361‑7979
Health care providers 1‑866‑407‑7878
Dental care providers 1‑888‑844‑8889
Group retirement solutions
Plan members 1‑888‑727‑7766
Plan members with the former Standard Life 1‑800‑242‑1704
I’m a plan sponsor/advisor 1‑888‑713‑7788
Individual insurance 1‑888‑626‑8543
Individual insurance – Former Standard Life 1‑888‑841‑6633
Affinity Markets and Coverme 1‑800‑268‑3763
Manulife Guaranteed Investment Products 1‑888‑790‑4387
Manulife Mutual Funds 1‑888‑588‑7999
Individual investments – Former Standard Life 1‑888‑841‑6633
Manulife Securities
Manulife Securities Incorporated 1‑800‑991‑2121
Manulife Securities Investment Services Inc. 1‑800‑991‑2121
Manulife Securities Insurance Inc. 1‑877‑271‑5490
Manulife Capital
Vancouver 1-604-678-0202
Manulife Private Wealth