Modernizing the i-Watch® platform

Modernizing the i-Watch platform

On the heels of our launch of two new Shariah-compliant funds, Manulife continues to innovate the i-Watch® platform to offer you modern solutions for your group retirement plan. We’re adding 12 new equity, fixed- income and balanced funds to the i-Watch platform, including a fund dedicated to environmental sustainability, as well as funds designed to provide income in a low-yield world. These additions are effective as of November 24, 2021.

Introducing the Manulife Global Climate Pooled Fund.

Climate change is the most important challenge of our time. Almost 200 countries have committed to making contributions to a low-carbon future. The addition of this new fund on the i-Watch® platform gives plan members a genuine opportunity to make a difference to their investments and to the planet. This actively managed fund unites environmental sustainability with fundamental analysis, creating a portfolio of climate leaders — the companies which we believe can thrive in a low-carbon economy and embrace the opportunities to come.

High conviction funds

The Climate fund is one of 12 high conviction funds Manulife is adding to offer modern solutions to today's investors. These funds cover a diverse set of asset classes, portfolio strategies, and geographies, providing true diversification. Rigorous fund selection and active performance evaluation help plan members make important “fit for the future” investment decisions with greater confidence.

An ever-expanding universe of fund managers and investment options requires a trusted platform like i-Watch. It enables you to take advantage of changing environments and opportunities to meet your objectives, fulfill your fiduciary duties, and provide your plan members with suitable investing solutions.

Ask your Manulife representative about these new additions to the i-Watch platform.