New Shariah-aligned funds on i-Watch®

The i-Watch Platform continues to innovate with our new funds that align with Shariah investment principles. Over a million Canadians identify as Muslim. Unfortunately, the lack of professionally managed investment options that invest with a Shariah-aligned approach has forced many Muslim plan members to accept sub-optimal solutions or not participate in their company’s retirement plan, Now, in order to offer Canadian Muslim plan members investment options that align with their beliefs, Manulife is offering two solutions that align with Shariah investment principles and provide broad equity and fixed income-like exposure. The Manulife SP Funds S&P 500 Shariah Industry Exclusions ETF and Manulife SP Funds Shariah Dow Jones Global Sukuk ETF empower Muslim plan members to align their investments with their religious and social values, providing much-needed options to help secure a comfortable retirement.

To find out more about Shariah-aligned funds, speak to your Manulife representative.